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    Kinky Clothes
    More Payback Time For Karina
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    Take My Breath Away - More Payback Time For Karina

    Clip Description

    This is the second clip in the payback series.

    karina is still in the captain's chair. This time her bondage is enhanced with tight leather staps around her waist and upper chest. A ballgag, tighter than before, followed by duct tape over each of the cuffs. (You know how she repeatedly wriggles out of my rope bondage).

    the last part of the payback (in this clip) involves a large plastic bag and a short leather strap. I'm sure you get the idea. Five minutes of this is more than enough for karina, but she'll be back for more. Actually, she has no choice, as she is still bound to the captain's chair!

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
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    wmv214.07 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Take My Breath Away - More Payback Time For Karina

    Take My Breath Away - More Payback Time For Karina

    Take My Breath Away - More Payback Time For Karina

    Take My Breath Away - More Payback Time For Karina

    Take My Breath Away - More Payback Time For Karina

    Take My Breath Away - More Payback Time For Karina

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    Alexia Tries The Inflatable Collar - Alexia is wearing a heavy rubber posture collar with an internal rubber bladder on the inner front surface.  She tells us that she is about to inflate the collar, an action that she repeats several times.
all is well until her wrists are padlocked to the collar and we take over control of the bladder that inflates the collar.  Eight minutes of bp fun. :)

    Payback Time For Karina - Karina has been mocking us by the ease with which she has managed to escape our attempts to keep her in bondage.  So we have decided that it is payback time and after she is bound in the chair we open her catsuit and place rubber pads on her breasts and link them to a tens unit.  Karina definitely doesn't like this!

there are no smiles while the electricity flows but the video shows us that once we left the room karina was able, once again, to slip out of her bondage, take off the breast cups, remove the gag and smile at us upon our return into the room.

more stringent bondage is called for and will be delivered in the next two clips!

    Latex Catsuit Thick Leather Straps And A Thin Bp Hood - This clip replaces the earlier, shorter version of the same name by including footage from the static camera.

karina had been reading a giger book and was completely unaware of our presence until it was too late! We see karina dressed in a latex catsuit tied up with tight leather straps at breast, waist, hands, knees and ankles.
she struggles but finds it hard to even move. Whenever she frees herself from a strap we refasten it - ever tighter. We add a ballgag and then finish off with a thin rubber bp hood. Now she has more to worry about than escaping from the straps.

karina's next adventure will be harder and longer!

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