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    Queen of Self-bondage and Solo Breath Play - Ringgagged And Drooling Everywhere

    Clip Description

    I have abby put on a black outfit with black and red stockings so I can have some fun with her. I handcuff her hands behind her back and then ***** in a ring-gag so big that it hurt her jaw for 3 days afterwards. If your a big fan of nice ring-gags then this video is the one for you. I personally love them myself and this is one of my favorite videos that ive ever made.

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    wmv182.44 MB

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    Queen of Self-bondage and Solo Breath Play - Ringgagged And Drooling Everywhere

    Queen of Self-bondage and Solo Breath Play - Ringgagged And Drooling Everywhere

    Queen of Self-bondage and Solo Breath Play - Ringgagged And Drooling Everywhere

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    Abby Stuffing Her Mouth And Ensuring Shes Completely Sealed - Before beginning her next session abby shows us she doesnt want any air what so ever getting into her body by completely covering her mouth and nose with layers of duct tape after stuffing her mouth full of nylon socks. She loves stuffing the socks way back in her throat so they not only help keep her quite, but usually will end up starting to slip down her throat causing her to ***** and gag during her sessions. Guess she doesnt think suffocating herself with duct tape is enough.

    Abby Packs Her Mouth And Wraps Packing Tape Around Her Head - Abby packs her mouth with a knee-sock and then wraps clear packing tape around her head several times. She then enjoys her vibrator on the floor while the sock and packing tape ensure she keeps quit.

    Abby Handcuffed Ringgagged Drooling Receiving Oral Part 1 - This clip features myself binding abbys hands behind her back and then forcing a very large ring-gag into her mouth which causes her to drool uncontrollably. I then pleasure her with my tongue until she cums in my mouth. She really looks good in this big ring-gag.

    Nothing Like Using Duct Tape To  Yourself - Abby already has her nose and mouth sealed off completely so she can get started. She shows us her favorite socks and puts them on before its time to get started with the vibrator.

    Hogtied Ballgagged Suffocating On Packing Tape - Abby has a great idea for this bondage and *********** session. First she straps a big pink ballgag in her mouth and then uses several pieces of clear packing tape to seal her mouth and nose so she can't get any air. After hog-tying herself she masterbates and gives us a show.

    Abby Has Outdone Herelf This Time - For this self-bondage and *********** session abby has a great idea and couldn't wait to get started. This time she stuffs her mouth and throat with socks, covers her nose and mouth with duct tape, and also puts herself into a hogtie ********!! This **** loves *********** and masterbating in front of the camera.

    Abby Puts Herself Into A Hogtie  - Abby decides to get herself a hotel room for the night and always takes advantage of alone time and does what she loves most. First she puts on her nylon knee-socks and then straps on a ring-gag. Next a rope is connected to her bound ankles, pulled tight, and tied around her neck. Watch and you can see her purposely pulling her ankles back throughout the whole clip. Looks like she absolutely loves being ********* in this hogtie.

    Abby Shows Us Just What She Likes - Abby shows us her love for *********** by demonstrating perfectly how to seal up the nose and mouth with duct tape. Doesnt she do a good job?

    Abby  On Her Mouth Packing - Abby puts on white nylons, white duct tape, and then ****** on her mouth packing.

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