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    Kinky Clothes
    Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway
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    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway

    Clip Description

    Vyolette is placed in a noose and pulled up onto her tiptoes, made to turn to show the camera her curvaceous and gorgeous body. Master Frederick then pulls her rope harder to constrict her air even more, until she begins to panic.

    He then lowers her to let her breathe, putting her against the doorjamb and fucking her as he pulls the rope again. When he lets her down, he puts her on her knees to hang her again while he fucks her mouth, trying desperately to breathe against the strain of the noose and around Master Frederick's thick cock.

    He then turns her to face the camera still on her knees and fucks her from behind as he pulls the rope once more, filling her hole with his cum as the fear and panic overtake her.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41868.36 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Vyolette Hangfucked in the Doorway

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Next, she lays on her side with her legs spread open for a nice view of her pussy cleaved by his big, thick dick, his hand wrapped around her throat, squeezing tight!!! 

He even continues to fuck her after he fills her pussy with his load, until he cums again, ch0king and HOM sm0thering (Cupping his hand over her mouth and limiting her breath with the edge of his hand against the nose) putting her out or making her faint-headed repeatedly!!!

Finally, as one last command to his Good Girl Fucktoy, Master Frederick orders Harlye Synn to suck his cock clean of both their cum.

    Ruby Gearheart Test Scene - Ruby Gearheart is a new slave in the Den. This scene was shot to test her comfort in front of a camera, and to see whether or not she can handle Master Frederick's intensity. It would appear all went well, as she is definitely going to be continuing to serve as his slave. 

The scene starts with breast bondage over clothing as Ruby sucks his cock, and progresses to undressing her, with Master Frederick cutting her panties off of her. Once naked, you see her amazing full breast tattoo, and Master Frederick wastes no time stretching her neck in the neck strap. He pulls the rope while fucking her from behind, keeping the pressure on until she panics!

After releasing her from the neck strap, he flogs her back, ass and tits while she whimpers!

He then binds Ruby's breasts, tests them for sensitivity and then forces her to lay on them as he lifts her feet from the floor with rope. He then uses a cane and flogger on her ass and pussy before releasing her from the ropes and spanking her cunt full, bare and open-handed.

Finally, he fucks her from behind, using his arm around her throat to render her indisposed twice before he sprays his cum over her ass!

Welcome to the Master Frederick's Den, Ruby Gearheart!

    Harlye Synn Schoolgirl Hangfucked in the Chair - Harlye Synn has been a Good Girl, just as Master Frederick likes her to be, so he treats her nice-- but not TOO nice.

He warms up her hungry pussy by fucking her doggystyle before he puts the neck strap around her throat...

And then he has her straddle his cock as he sits in a chair, riding him repeatedly to orgasm as he pulls the rope, cutting off her air.

    Vyolette Bound and Strngled in the Chair - Vyolette is a new slave in the Den, making her debut in this clip. Master Frederick has her restrained in a chair, using leather Opera Glove arm binders.

He takes his time abusing her pretty neck, str_ngling her with a scarf, ch0king her with his hands... She goes out repeatedly, eyes open and glassy, shaking and twitching with a pretty purple face. She always comes back disoriented, and once even mutters, "I don't want to shake anymore." Master Frederick says, "I'm going to do whatever I want to you" in response.

He slaps her big tits to keep her attentive, and as reward for good behavior, he fucks her mouth and fingers her pussy, treating her like the Good Fucktoy she is.

He str_ngles her one last time before the end of the scene, a beautiful view of her purpling face as she twitches into the void.

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