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    Meet Nothyng Part 4
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    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Meet Nothyng Part 4

    Clip Description

    Nothyng's next experience on her first day at the den starts off with being buckled into black leather opera glove armbinders. I remove her blindfold, and you get your first look at her pretty face... I hook her up to the beams above my bed and give her a beating with floggers, paddles and crops. I spend some time with my hands wrapped around her throat before sitting her down in a chair and locking her hands behind her. A clear plastic bag is placed over her head and held in place with a collar. I make her stay in it, depleting her oxygen as I finger her clit and then give her the hitachi wand. She panics and begs before I let her out of the bag. Not bad for her first ever bagging.

    Clip Duration:      24 minutes
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    wmv533.48 MB

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    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Meet Nothyng Part 4

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Meet Nothyng Part 4

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Meet Nothyng Part 4

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Meet Nothyng Part 4

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Meet Nothyng Part 4

    Master Fredericks Darker Desires - Meet Nothyng Part 4

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    Meet Nothyng Part 5 - Nothyng's first day in the den concludes. She is introduced to the wartenberg pinwheel and my daggers for some knife play. Then I put her in a chokehold and nearly put her out. Then it's up onto the bed for more fun as she sucks my cock and then lays down for a good fuck,. I use her armbinders to lock her legs bent so I can get good and deep as I pound her pussy hard.

    Meet Nothyng Part 1 - Nothyng is a little bitty thing with a round belly, cute face and huge tits... And a real love of pain and ***********. In her first scene in the den, she takes spanking, crop, caning, and gets the noose while I finger her clit.

    Myzeray The Penalty For Defiance - We begin with myzeray standing with her hands cuffed overhead as I begin flogging and spanking her as well as clawing her back hard with my fingernails... She decides to defy me, lashing out with kicks. I won't tolerate such insolence from my slave so I squeeze her throat with my hand, putting her out. When she comes to, we continue with her beating, and she challenges me. "you wouldn't say that if my hands were down..." I decide to show her who her master truly is, and release her hands. She puts up a fight, and that's when it happens-- I lock her into a rear naked ch0ke hold and lift her off the floor by her throat. The result is the hardest, fastest, and most devastating blackout myzeray has ever experienced. I lower her to the floor, limp and lifeless as a ragdoll... We close with her convulsing on the floor as the oxygen begins to return to her brain.

    Meet Nothyng Part 2 - Nothyng is bound to a computer chair with a hitachi wand bound between her legs. I slip a noose around her neck and anchor the rope. When I lower the chair to stretch her neck and cut off her air, I watch her gasp and wheeze, struggling against the noose to breathe. I let her have her precious air, and command her to cum for me as a reward. She takes it like a pro, even asking to go again with a "please..." the second time I chairhang her, I also fuck her mouth. After I release the rope I continue to fuck her mouth, commanding her to cum with my shaft down her throat so I can feel it.

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