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    Kinky Clothes
    Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 3
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    Rubber and Bondage - Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 3

    Clip Description

    In part 3 of “innocent until proven filthy” we find the climax of nicole jennings’ trial run in rubber and bondage. The jury (that would be us) comes to a final verdict. Nicole must spread her legs and arms wide while bound to a bizarre exam chair. She is silenced prior to her questioning (who really cares what she has to say, right?) With a rubber o-ring gag. Considering the fact that we need to get the truth out of this horny slut, we put her under real pressure. Special ed ramps things up by using the wooden clothes pin technique. He secures them on her tits and pussy ever so slowly and then gingerly strokes her pussy and clit. Nicole just keeps getting more and more compliant as the truth about her filthy mind and body begins to unfold. It is ed’s job to make this witness squirm and spill the truth about her slutty ways. With that in mind, he pulls out all the stops. With her beautiful pussy and tits out on display for all to see, ed removes her gag and proceeds to jam our patented dildo on a stick into her mouth, ensuring it is all lubed up for her pussy. As her passion escalates so does the eagerness of her dripping wet fuck hole. Special ed prods and probes, strokes and rubs her eager cunt and then jams the dildo deep inside of her. Ed just keeps bringing nicole closer and closer to the truth with every stroke. To make sure this slut cannot handle the truth, ed snatches up a vibrating dildo and takes her over the edge. She pronounces her guilt without shame as she pleas,”i am gonna cum, I am gonna cum”. Nicole slips into sheer ecstasy and proceeds to make our case. As she explodes into her final orgasmic confession, the verdict is sealed. Nicole is truly proven no longer innocent but filthy as charged.

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
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    mp4644.67 MB

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    Rubber and Bondage - Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 3

    Rubber and Bondage - Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 3

    Rubber and Bondage - Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 3

    Rubber and Bondage - Innocent Until Proven Filthy Part 3

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