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    Fools Rush In Part Two Mp4
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    Rubber and Bondage - Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4

    Clip Description

    Newcomer dear serenity is getting more then she bargained for under the rule of domina paulina. Paulina continues to educate serenity on the finer points of submission, bondage, bdsm, ***********, slave training and servitude towards her mistress. Serenity is bound and suspended in a bizarre rope web that forms a sort of chair, leaving her helpless. Her hands, legs and feet all strictly secured as she struggles and sweats, nervously waiting for her next training session to begin. Her breathing is restricted due to a thick coating of vet wrap layered over her mouth. Rubbery jay joins paulina, removing the thick wrap over serenity's mouth. They tandem train her in the art of cock sucking and challenge her gag reflex. Serenity ******, slurps and drools as the two dominants take turns jamming rubber and silicone down her throat. Eventually serenity falls completely exhausted and we have to cut filming right as she uses her safe word and has to be cut down. Fools rush in and it does not take long before they want to rush out!

    8 minutes of video
    1280 x 720 hd in mp4 format

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4290.53 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Rubber and Bondage - Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4

    Rubber and Bondage - Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4

    Rubber and Bondage - Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4

    Rubber and Bondage - Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4

    Rubber and Bondage - Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4

    Rubber and Bondage - Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4

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    Bishop Bondage - Like most of you into bondage, we are fans and inspired by the drawings and artwork of richard bishop.  Keeping that in mind, we volunteered gia voss to take a ride on a bishop inspired, custom-built contraption.  This bizarre bondage and discipline device was put together by dalton from serious bondage.  Gia was an apprehensive subject but with curves in all the right places we liked her for this session.  Gia was strung up, **** up and strapped into the device with nary a complaint after her initial protest.  It was not until she was completely bound and muzzled that things began to get uncomfortable.  

once in strict bondage, dalton uses and abuses the device he built... Or gia rather, by tormenting her pussy with a sharp and painful pinwheel.  Then he grabs some ordinary household clothespins and clamps her labia down in various spots.  Gia provides a two for one special as her pussy and her encased skin begin to get dripping wet.  Sweat drains from the crotch opening of her catsuit and you can actually see the combination of pussy juice and sweat pooling beneath her.  This session ran for quite a while but gia closes out her bishop ride with her most vital lady part pinned to an oscillating vibrator pressed hard against her clit.  Watch her struggle to get maximum contact as her ****** orgasm spills over.  Who knew bishop could inspire such an incredible bondage scenario?  Yeah, I know... Just about everyone.

    Fools Rush In  Mp4 - We were pretty thrilled when rubber jay let us know about his new friend, domina paulina. Apparently she is a russian woman, new to the femdom world and also a fan of our website. Jay proceeded to tell us that paulina wanted to come over to our studio to show off her own talents and break in her new submissive slut who goes by the name of serenity. According to paulina, serenity needed more experience as a slave and servant. Furthermore, she said her new slave needed to learn what it meant to be bound, ********** and tormented. Who are we to argue? Neither paulina nor serenity had any real experience with latex or hard bondage. In an effort to accommodate paulina, we rolled out our entire latex collection for her choosing. We have a lot of bondage gear, bizarre hoods, rubber and latex wardrobe on hand. Domina's options were overwhelming for her but as she said, "in a very good way". We even provided a full assortment of fetish style high heeled shoes and boots. Once she was done taking stock of our inventory, paulina dressed herself in a green demask transparent catsuit, hw design hood and demonia knee high boots. She also selected serenity's outfit which consisted of a libidex princess catsuit, demask corset and latex nemesis hood. Once the ladies were dressed we stepped in and offered our own expertise with regard to how serenity was to be restrained. While we were doing that, paulina was busy choosing her toys and tools. We bound serenity using heavy duty chains wrapped around her waist and connected at her wrists. Heavy duty locks were used to make her bondage inescapable. An spreader bar was connected at her ankles, making her predicament a rather difficult one to deal with. It seemed to be a very harsh position for serenity to deal with for the extended amount of time that she was locked in this position. This is really a difficult scenario to describe so you will just have to check out the images and video but what ensued after serenity was rendered helpless was all domina paulina. Serenity was beaten, teased, taunted and scolded relentlessly by paulina. Serenity was even tutored and tested in her ability to count while speaking in ruissian. Paulina was just completely entertaining in not only her verbal skills but also her command over serenity and the scene. After taking serenity to the brink of exhaustion, spitting repeatedly on her pussy and then using a hitachi magic wand to give her a ****** orgasm, paulina decided to leave serenity in her predicament but dialed it up a notch by making it impossible for serenity to stand up. Paulina connected a chain from the floor to serenity's heavy posture collar and then turned out the lights and left her to suffer. We were there to witness the entire show and it truly was a clinic put on by paulina on dominance and obedience training. One could argue that these two ladies entered into the rubber and bondage arena without considering the consequences. For domina paulina, she discovered a lust for latex and the pleasure of dominating other woman (as opposed to her typical male client). For serenity, it is safe to say that this was more stressful, bizarre and hardcore then anything she had ever imagined. Although it is true that fools often rush in, domina paulina is one bad ass russian woman that we would never call a fool. Stay tuned for part 2 of this segment as it will be available to all members soon.

    Creature Comfort - Kelo’s claim to “laugh when she is shocked” is very soon proven false as she experiences the shocking treatment of the creature with jg leathers.  With electric pulses attached to her sensitive matter and a respirator & gas mask in place – kelo goes for the ride of her life.  This mad hatter adventure has her saying a lot of things – “oh please” and “fuck” being a few but no laughing is heard as kelo goes on a ride full of pleasure and pain; finally climaxing with the help of a vibrator and lots of wattage.

    Bishop Bondage  Wmv - Like most of you into bondage, we are fans of and inspired by the artwork of richard bishop.  Keeping that in mind, we had always hoped to replicate some of his art into real life scenes.  Dalton from serious bondage had custom built a bishop inspired contraption and we were the first to hear about it.  This bizarre bondage and discipline device offered all the restraint you might ever need.  The problem was confirming that the concept motivated by mr. Bishop and his incredible fetish art would work in reality.  We were willing to offer up gia for a trial run.  In truth, she was a rather apprehensive subject but her voluptuous body curved around the strange contraption quite nicely.  Gia was walked into the room by a leash, mounted to the device, muzzle gagged and strapped in.  After being secured completely and struggling to test the rigidity of the set-up, gia settled in to her fate with nary a complaint.  Any protests were not really going to be heard anyway at this point.  Dalton made sure she was never completely comfortable the rest of the way.  

considering gia's immobilized state and strict bondage, dalton could pretty much do whatever he wanted.  Dalton smacked gia's legs and thighs just to make sure she was alert and in tune with the situation.  Then he moved on to a bit of pussy ******* by rolling a wicked pin wheel over her pussy lips.  That provided a very nice reaction form gia but that was only the beginning.  Dalton moved on with ordinary household clothespins.  He clamped them to gia's labia in strategic spots.  We are unclear if gia's whimpering was due to her pleasure or pain.  She is not known for being a masochist so we assumed it was her displeasure with the pain but who really knows?  What we know for sure is that her pussy and latex encased skin were both creating a moisture level that was overwhelming her body.  Sweat and her natural lubricant began to drip all over the base of her bondage device.  This session ran for quite a while but gia closed out her bishop bondage trial with her most vital lady part pinned to an oscillating vibrator.  Dalton made sure the vibrator was not pressed firmly against her clit and we got to watch her struggle to get maximum contact. It was a semi-****** ****** orgasm and as it spilled over gia's body we would have to say this scene was a real success.  Who knew bishop art could inspire such an incredible bondage scenario?  Yeah, I know... Just about everyone.

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