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    Kinky Clothes
    Dont Ask Y Wmv
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    Rubber and Bondage - Dont Ask Y  Wmv

    Clip Description

    If you have never heard of charlotte fetish then you don't know what you are missing. This submissive is all about inescapable bondage and being helpless. She actually loves it and that makes us love her. When we were approached by her handler to do a shoot with charlotte we rolled out the welcome mat and turned on the "open for business" sign. At the time this was all going down, gwen, aka rubber dynasty, was kind enough to inform us that the reason charlotte was in town was to sub for her. So it went, charlotte meet gwen. Gwen beat charlotte. Rubber and bondage, you are the witness.

    gwen prepared herself with her typical domineering get up. An all black latex catsuit, trademark style rubber hood and super tall black boots. Charlotte presented herself to gwen in a silver latex corslette and rubber panties, mesh nylons and sexy high heels. Gwen knew charlotte enjoys strict bondage so she did not want to leave her wanting for more. Gwen employed a very rigid set of leather sinvention arm splints and she used them to hold charlotte's arms straight. She then padlocked the splints out wide, in a y formation, overhead. This ****** charlotte to really stretch out and upward, pressing up on her heels at times just to maintain the position. To make charlotte's bondage more difficult to cope with, gwen cuffed each of charlotte’s ankles. She padlocked them via chain and the cuffs to o-ring fasteners screwed into the floor on either side of her legs. Gwen was probably thinking ahead with her next move as she strapped a head harness ball gag to charlottes head. This would ensure all of charlotte’s cries and moans would be muffled adequately. Just to keep the submissive side of charlotte honest, gwen added on a rather cruel neck collar and nose check combination that keeps the sub’s head from dropping down. At least it would cause charlotte great discomfort with the two hooks jammed up her nostrils and tugging her head backward. We like that move and it seems that gwen was all about business at this point.

    once charlotte was in position , ********** and helpless, gwen took out her long tail flogger and smacked charlotte around. In typical gwen fashion, she whipped charlotte’s legs, ass and pussy while offering an insincere sympathy. All the while, she was relentless in making all parts of charlotte’s body red and sore. Upon completion of her beating, gwen seemed to feel that her sub deserved a reward. She broke out a vibrating magic wand and played with charlotte’s clit and pussy, providing her with a healthy dose of ****** orgasm. Maybe she just wanted to help us have a clean finish for the rubber and bondage site, we are not really sure. What we do know all too well is that when you receive a gift gwendolyn chemindefer, you don’t ask y. Just say thank you, may I have another.

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
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    mp4859.03 MB

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    Rubber and Bondage - Dont Ask Y  Wmv

    Rubber and Bondage - Dont Ask Y  Wmv

    Rubber and Bondage - Dont Ask Y  Wmv

    Rubber and Bondage - Dont Ask Y  Wmv

    Rubber and Bondage - Dont Ask Y  Wmv

    Rubber and Bondage - Dont Ask Y  Wmv

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    Air Supply - Dalton from serious bondage holds serve once again as our guest controller in this scene. You can see miss k is bound to a chair in what would seem to be a rather comfortable position. However, dalton had bigger things in mind than just that. Backing up a bit, he first instructed k to wear a rubber ensemble that suited his taste; a demask leotard, leggings and a rubber 55 hood. Miss k really has the face and lips to set off a well cut hood like this and her lips push and pout perfectly. Dalton proceeds to rig up miss k the old fashion way... With straps, buckles and brute *****. Once she is all secure, k's head is enveloped in a clear plastic bag so her breathing is restricted. Dalton plays with intervals where a rubber band placed over the bag and around her neck limits her to the compromised and dwindling oxygen inside. This is a *********** lover’s dream! Once the magic wand hits her hot spot miss k struggles with pleasure and fear as she tries to cum without passing out.  Of course dalton never allows that to happen but it is fun to watch miss k struggle with her fear and pleasure.  Miss k comes to appreciate her air supply as much as her ****** orgasms.

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