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    Bishop Bondage
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    Rubber and Bondage - Bishop Bondage

    Clip Description

    Like most of you into bondage, we are fans and inspired by the drawings and artwork of richard bishop. Keeping that in mind, we volunteered gia voss to take a ride on a bishop inspired, custom-built contraption. This bizarre bondage and discipline device was put together by dalton from serious bondage. Gia was an apprehensive subject but with curves in all the right places we liked her for this session. Gia was strung up, **** up and strapped into the device with nary a complaint after her initial protest. It was not until she was completely bound and muzzled that things began to get uncomfortable.

    once in strict bondage, dalton uses and abuses the device he built... Or gia rather, by tormenting her pussy with a sharp and painful pinwheel. Then he grabs some ordinary household clothespins and clamps her labia down in various spots. Gia provides a two for one special as her pussy and her encased skin begin to get dripping wet. Sweat drains from the crotch opening of her catsuit and you can actually see the combination of pussy juice and sweat pooling beneath her. This session ran for quite a while but gia closes out her bishop ride with her most vital lady part pinned to an oscillating vibrator pressed hard against her clit. Watch her struggle to get maximum contact as her ****** orgasm spills over. Who knew bishop could inspire such an incredible bondage scenario? Yeah, I know... Just about everyone.

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v144.47 MB
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    wmv232.25 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Rubber and Bondage - Bishop Bondage

    Rubber and Bondage - Bishop Bondage

    Rubber and Bondage - Bishop Bondage

    Rubber and Bondage - Bishop Bondage

    Rubber and Bondage - Bishop Bondage

    Rubber and Bondage - Bishop Bondage

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    Fools Rush In  Part Two  Mp4 - Newcomer dear serenity is getting more then she bargained for under the rule of domina paulina. Paulina continues to educate serenity on the finer points of submission, bondage, bdsm, ***********, slave training and servitude towards her mistress. Serenity is bound and suspended in a bizarre rope web that forms a sort of chair, leaving her helpless. Her hands, legs and feet all strictly secured as she struggles and sweats, nervously waiting for her next training session to begin. Her breathing is restricted due to a thick coating of vet wrap layered over her mouth. Rubbery jay joins paulina, removing the thick wrap over serenity's mouth. They tandem train her in the art of cock sucking and challenge her gag reflex. Serenity ******, slurps and drools as the two dominants take turns jamming rubber and silicone down her throat. Eventually serenity falls completely exhausted and we have to cut filming right as she uses her safe word and has to be cut down. Fools rush in and it does not take long before they want to rush out! 

8 minutes of video
1280 x 720 hd in mp4 format

    Standing O - Sandy skarsgard is put on display for a one-woman show.  She stands center stage seeking to entertain while cocooned in shiny thick rubber.  The torso sheath renders her completely helpless and unable to use her arms or hands to brace herself.  Four heavy duty chains form a metal web over her head securing her in a standing position.  Sandy is further decorated in a red latex catsuit, high heel fetish boots and a sexy latex hood.  Things were hot and wet inside all of that rubber once she was all rigged up.  Sandy typically squirms, struggles and squeals once secured in her bondage but that effort proved futile as always.  She had two options, which were to **** there or stand up.  After awhile her senseless moaning and whining became irritating.  

for act 2, we punished her for the annoying squeals by popping a nice red ball gag in her mouth.  Then we used a leg spreader to make her scene more uncomfortable.  Naturally there was more in store for the little rubber slut.  The final act was an homage’ to the iconic acting crest, a happy and sad face.  We locked in a magic wand and sent her some heavy vibrations right between her legs and it was there to stay.  She is ****** to ride the waves of pleasure and ecstasy right into pain and discomfort.  Sandy’s happy fuck face and orgasm overloaded frown face looked pretty similar in the end.  However, we were sure that her pussy was not ready to make a curtain call after multiple orgasms.  The show was eventually over but this time the performer gives you the standing o.

    Fell Into A Strap - Sandy skarsgard aka rubbernecro is gagged with pony bit and tied up on a luxurious couch awaiting her fate. 

bound at the ankles, legs and waist with her arms tied behind her back, this latex slut knows how to move just right.

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