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Adventures of Agent Gillian

Anal play

Gloved Tickling

Putting on gloves

The adventures of IT

Gloved handgagging and smotherin

Gloved Corporal Punishment

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Foot - Shoes - Boot worship

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    Kinky Clothes
    Home Invasion 3
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    Glove Fetish Montreal - Home Invasion 3

    Clip Description

    Glovedsub is coming home. He gets in the apartment but doesn't notice mistress sugah behind the door. She's wearing long leather gloves. She jumps on him and subdues him.
    sometime later he awakens tied up on the bed. He's gagged and blindfolded. He tries to escape and shout but she shows him who's the boss by smothering him with her leather gloves. She removes the gag and starts questioning him. He starts to shout so she smothers him again. She stands over him and uses a wartenburg wheel on his nipple to get the answers she wants. She also pinches his nipples. When she sees that it's not working she changes tactics and starts tickling him. He eventually gives up and answers her question. Finally she leaves him ******** on the bed.

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
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    wmv188.33 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Home Invasion 3

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Home Invasion 3

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Home Invasion 3

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Home Invasion 3

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Home Invasion 3

    Glove Fetish Montreal - Home Invasion 3

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