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Ren series

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    Kinky Clothes
    Tied And Wrapped Princess Lione
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    WSM - Breath control - - Tied And Wrapped Princess Lione

    Clip Description

    Kigurumi bondage & Breath-control play.
    This is a long video which recorded our real play.

    (1) Princess Lione is tied strictly. Moreover she is wrapped over the rope of her whole body. She struggled very hard.
    (2) Some gimmick is seen behind her neck. A padlock connecting her head and her collar, and a remote controller of a couple of rotors fitted on her nipples.
    (3) Torment with a plastic bag.
    (4) Sniff the poppers.
    (5) Stimulation with a vibrator until she gets ecstasy.
    (6) After then, she is still in bondage. She has to keep struggling to escape.

    Genre: Kigurumi bondage (Breath-play)

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4794.02 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    WSM - Breath control - - Tied And Wrapped Princess Lione

    WSM - Breath control - - Tied And Wrapped Princess Lione

    WSM - Breath control - - Tied And Wrapped Princess Lione

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