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Smoking Fetish

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    Kinky Clothes
    Smoke Dress Bag Chair
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    Breathe This  Videos - Smoke Dress Bag Chair

    Clip Description

    Slave is trapped in a latex sleepsack and zipped into the dress bag
    as roxy and trixie are blowing their marlboro menthols into his air
    supply filling up the bag with the combined second hand smoke of their

    runtime 5 min 5 sec

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv189.47 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathe This  Videos - Smoke Dress Bag Chair

    Breathe This  Videos - Smoke Dress Bag Chair

    Breathe This  Videos - Smoke Dress Bag Chair

    Breathe This  Videos - Smoke Dress Bag Chair

    Breathe This  Videos - Smoke Dress Bag Chair

    Breathe This  Videos - Smoke Dress Bag Chair

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    Smoking Slaves Breath Away In The Box - Slave is inflated in the inflatable latex jacket by miss trixie. She blows 
her thick newport smoke right in the box making slave boy cough and ***** via 
her "machine gun" ,truly intoxicating. 

runtime 2 min 56 sec

    Trixies Cigar Tube Dress Bag - Miss trixie seals slave in a darlex body bag with the internal sleeves
so he cant escape then zips him into the plastic dress bag
now time for her special outfitted cigar smoke tube.
she blows thick cigar smoke en masse into the bag making him cough
and ***** then opens the bag to blow creamy ******* fumes right
into his nose and mouth and it really burns!

runtime 4 min 45 sec

    Super Thick Smoke Inhalation - Slave is in the inflatable latex bondage bag all strapped in and ****** to
endure thick rich smoke being blown around his head with the smoke pumping tube
first in the box then directly into a ****** smoking hood this kind of
smoke really burns the slaves lungs but thats all shes offering him to breathe.

runtime 2 min 47 sec

    One Good Turn Deserves Another - Trixie puts slave on the chair inside the plastic dress bag
and proceeds to smother him with the billowing poison clouds
of her double smoke shotgun tube, but then the tales turn as slave 
puts trixie in the bag and clouds up her lungs.
runtime 3 min 35 sec

    Sealed In A Smoke Bag - Trixie puts slave in a rubber bag so he cant escape then seals him inside 
a large plastic dress bag then she proceeds to blow it full with her brand 
of air , newport smoke. 2 cigarettes at a time 2 times in a row for 
a total of 4 cigarettes polluting his air with second handsmoke. 
she really loves smoking the life out of him.

runtime 5 min 16 sec

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