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Smoking Fetish

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    Kinky Clothes
    China Smoke To You
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    Breathe This  Videos - China  Smoke To You

    Clip Description

    Trixie as china **** loves blowing her newports to you in this 2 segment clip.
    in the first part she smokes in your face and then feels you need more smoketo breath so out comes the 2 newport tube .She uses the tube to pump tons of rich creamy suffocating smoke right in your lungs so there is no room for oxygen. Runtime 3 min 30 sec

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv156.78 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Breathe This  Videos - China  Smoke To You

    Breathe This  Videos - China  Smoke To You

    Breathe This  Videos - China  Smoke To You

    Breathe This  Videos - China  Smoke To You

    Breathe This  Videos - China  Smoke To You

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    Roxy To Trixie 1 Tube Dress Bag - Its about time trixie got a taste of her own medicine ... Introducing roxy .
she has trixie zipped up in a plastic dress bag while she pumps  
a unfiltered newport cloud inside trixies air supply which 
leaves her coughing for air. Run time 2 min 29 sec

    Black Lipstick Glamour Smoke - Wearing her purple top trixie and black lipstick she is smoking 
her newport 100s for the camera , she blows the creamy white 
smoke right at you filling the room with her second hand smoke .
runtime 3 min 5 sec

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