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    Kinky Clothes
    Lesson 3
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    Faceles Latex Sisters -  Lesson 3

    Clip Description

    This time I have a surprise for my ******. I control her breath with the help of a swimming cap. So I can see her fight for air. Because of the swimming cap she can't see anything. I like her eyes welling up in tears, when I take the cap off her.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    Faceles Latex Sisters -  Lesson 3

    Faceles Latex Sisters -  Lesson 3

    Faceles Latex Sisters -  Lesson 3

    Faceles Latex Sisters -  Lesson 3

    Faceles Latex Sisters -  Lesson 3

    Faceles Latex Sisters -  Lesson 3

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    Lesson 4 - Now here is the last lesson. Now she had learned how it feels when someone other has the control. How does it feel when she is exposed to another's will. She is now tieg to a cher. I stey behin her so she can't even see me. Now she had learnd all the basics. But this is jut the begining....

    Lesson - My little ****** (19) always wanted to play with me and my boyfriend. Now she can play with us... Or we play with her...? She can experience **********. But first she have to prepare herself to play. She has to tie herself. After that... Lets play...

for the first time she wears a latex catsuit with hood and a gasmask with breathing tube. That's enough for her. That's all new for her. But soon everything will be diferent :).

how will it continue?

let's see the next lesson....

    New Catsuit - I have a brand new catsuit and a brand new mask. I have it on for the first time. It is only powderd. Now you can see how it becomes from matt gray to shiny black filled with live.

    Lesson 2 - The first lesson.

for the first time, my ****** wears a latex catsuit with mask and a gasmask with tube. She is tied with rubber straps. She is totally immobilised. For the beginning I control her breathing with the tube. Now she can really experience, who is in control.

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