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    Natalias 21st Bday
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    Into The Attic - Natalias 21st Bday

    Clip Description

    Jr has just learned that today is natalia's 21st birthday. He approaches her and fastens a thick leather collar around her neck, tightly. It captures her long hair inside the collar as he cinches it around her neck. When he walks away she is left gasping -her mouth ajar. She finds herself leaving it agape, opening and closing it like a fish out of water. She moistens her lips. She is quiet now. A look of concern, even resignation on her face as jr threads rope through the collar and stands her up on her feet. He ties the rope off to the ceiling and pulls her up on her tip toes. She is still fully dressed in her fuzzy sweater and skirt. Her small feet standing on the pad of her toes through her boots as she strains to breathe in this new position. Her face grows redder and her mouth keeps moving as though it were itself trying to capture more oxygen. Even her eyes become puffed and red, watery. When he walks back around her she manages a smile. He picks up another bundle of rope and ties her elbows and wrists together before pulling her arms up high behind her and tying it off to the ceiling. She now finds herself in a strappado; her arms brought together and jacked up high behind her back. It places a great deal of pressure on her constricted neck, further ******* her. She whimpers ever so slightly as he finishes tying her arms off. Her face has the countenance of someone who was just been told some very bad news. Red and swollen, like she'd been crying all night long. It looks like her head is about to explode from pressure. She is shaking now, her feet still on tip toes as jr pulls her panties down from beneath her skirt. He folds the crotch out and places it up to her nose so she can inhale it. He then stuffs them, crotch first, into her face hole and winds clear packaging tape around her head to hold them in. When he finishes tying her arms he winds a rope around her waist and pulls her short white skirt up and folds it beneath the hemp. This exposes her pussy and ass cheeks. It is, after all, her 21st birthday. Fetching a paddle he lets her know she's about to receive the traditional birthday spanking most ***** get here in the states on their special day. Except this spanking is going to make her cry and leave some very angry welts on her pristine ass.

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    Into The Attic - Natalias 21st Bday

    Into The Attic - Natalias 21st Bday

    Into The Attic - Natalias 21st Bday

    Into The Attic - Natalias 21st Bday

    Into The Attic - Natalias 21st Bday

    Into The Attic - Natalias 21st Bday

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    Morgan Gets Bagged - She is naked and shackled to the spider chair, a ball gag buckled into her mouth. He has her in the darkness of the attic. Her neck has a metal collar around it and a chain running to the ceiling. She is squarely attached to the heavy chair. She keeps looking around, trying to get a feel for her surroundings. A family of baby birds can be heard screaming loudly off to one corner. Jr comes in with a large, clear plastic bag. When she realizes he is about to pull it over her head she starts to panic. She tries to move away from the bag but she is caught. Once he has it completely pulled down over her head he ties it off with a leather cord. She starts to whine and a sense of terror creeps into the sounds she makes. It is warm in the attic and she starts to sweat inside the bag. Her glasses are foggy and moisture drips down her face. When the oxygen becomes so thin she gasp for breath he unties the cord sealing the bag around her neck. She sucks in air deeply, her relief unmistakable. But he doesn't give her any time at all to enjoy the new found fresh air. He simply pulls the bag back down over her head just as soon as he removed it. He fucks with her. Teasing her, giving it to her and then taking it away before she can get satisfaction. When he brings out the hitachi and places it onto her cunt her demeanor completely changes. She sounds like she just ran a 400 yard race as fast as she could. Her head seems to convulse. Jr lets her know she needs to ask permission before cumming. Immediately she does. Her eyes seem to roll back in her head, she can barely get the question out between gasps for air that she can't keep up with. He makes her repeat it several times. Beg for it. Copious amounts of slobber pool around her ball gag and fall down her face, caught in the bag. When he gives her permission she starts to hyperventilate. Her face distorts and her eyes disappear. Her orgasm seems to last forever. When she is spent he pulls the bag back over her head, ties it off and leaves her.

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