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    Natalia Meets Luther
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    Into The Attic - Natalia Meets Luther

    Clip Description

    After cutting natalia down jr strips her naked down to her socks and ties her wrists and elbows behind her back. Still wearing the tight leather collar he brings her long auburn hair up to a pony tail on the top of her head. Tying a rope to that he feeds it through a series of pulleys that connect to a heavy bowling ball in air behind her. It pulls her hair violently without ever letting any slack out. No matter how she moves her head the weight of that bowling ball is always forefront. He has her kneeling in front of luther. When she tries to place his shaft in her mouth she is ****** to pull the bowling ball higher in order to lower her head at the same level as his member. She takes him down to three inches with ease. Then she begins to face fuck him. Each stroke of his shaft with her head causes the bowling ball to rise and lower behind her. The tension in her hair, the way it pulls at her face, the way she has to struggle just to suck this dead cock humiliates her. Her head looks like it is simply perched atop her shoulders with the wide leather collar circling her neck and ******* her. She gags and a wad of slobber falls from her mouth and hits the floor audibly. It seems she can only get it down to three inches, the whole shaft filling her face hole. It seems blocked by the back of her throat no matter how hard she falls onto it. Her eyes are swelling now and tears are beginning to pool in the corners. Her face is red and she has to work hard at everything she is doing with the weight pulling her hair from directly on top. She face fucks luther as though it were the serious business that it is, occasionally ******* on it while dropping wads of spit in long streams down to the floor. At times she stops and pulls off to gasp for air, the tension and strain to her face evident. Tears are now streaming down both cheeks. She loses his cock momentarily and finds herself required to pull her skull back down to his level once again; pulling her heavy weight higher into the air. She takes him in deep once more and then shakes her head, her face hole back and forth as though she were trying to muster just a few more centimeters of depth from her wet, slobbery hole. There is nothing fun about it. Sucking this giant cock with a bowling ball from the top of your head is work. Effort. It makes her lose her composure, her fine features, her dignity. She is exhausted. Thick mucus-like fluid falls from every hole in her face as jr gets up and screams at her to take it down to depth and hold it there. To hold it there and tell us it is your birthday. That you wish luther could come in your mouth so you could swallow it. How much you like sucking cock. She just wants this to be over. To get off her knees and get this dead cock out of her mouth.

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    Into The Attic - Natalia Meets Luther

    Into The Attic - Natalia Meets Luther

    Into The Attic - Natalia Meets Luther

    Into The Attic - Natalia Meets Luther

    Into The Attic - Natalia Meets Luther

    Into The Attic - Natalia Meets Luther

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    Jessica Meets Luther - Once the interview is out of the way jr has her stand up and begins tying her wrists and elbows together behind her back. Once she has been secured he has her get on her knees in front of luther as he begins drilling screws into the base to hold him in place. She’s never seen luther before and had no idea this was going to be something she needed to do. Jr places a condom onto luther’s shaft, a couple of inches down, and tells her she’ll need to push it the rest of the way with her face. Before she gets started he pours honey up and down luther’s member –and then she’s off to the races. Immediately she pushes the condom down with her face hole to three inches before she gags, states “wow, that thing is really wide”, and pulls away. She’s told to get right back on it and this time not to take her face hole off of it. She opens her jaw really wide and starts to flex it like she is some sort of olympic athlete warming up for an event. And then she takes him in down to a full three inches. She face fucks him, she works her mouth hole back and forth, easily swallowing the girth of luther’s member. She starts to face fuck him hard, working her hole back and forth with vigor. Quickly too. On each down stroke she is heard to make a deep, guttural sound as it fills her esophagus. She spits on it and takes him deep again. She clearly knows how to suck cock, with her articulated throat approach, the way she lets that shaft fall into her mouth and down the back of her mouth, the way she wiggles it once it is in to get just a few more centimeters out of it, the way she uses her tongue as a landing strip to guide it in. Her whole face is wet from cock sucking as jr starts to yell at her to keep it down as deep as possible. To gag on it and hold it there. When she does he has her tell luther how much she likes sucking his cock. You can’t even understand her with that large member stuck in the largest opening of her head. And then he makes her tell him that she wished luther was bigger, that more of his cock was stuck in her throat. She tries her best to be understood, but with that large cock stuck down there she isn’t going to be understood for awhile.

    Renee Meets Luther - Its luther time. Renee is dressed, her small black shirt pulled up over her breasts. Her arms are folded and her wrists pulled back behind her head and tied off. A bowling ball ***** from her neck and down her back. She kneels before luther staring at his long shaft, waiting to be told to start. Jr comes in and checks to see whether or not she still hates sucking cock. When she tells him yes he tells her to get started sucking it. To make it come in her mouth. She has no trouble getting a full, girth-y three inches down her throat. Her mouth is like a fountain of slobber. In no time flat she has copious amounts falling from around her lips while luther stuffs her mouth. She gags repeatedly. She spits giant luggies onto him and then takes him down deep. She occasionally has to pull off and swallow, swallow something that came up from down deep. She shakes her head back and forth to help get it back down. The look of distress on her face is unmistakable. Water falls from both eye sockets and runs down the fleshy parts of her face. Snot runs from both nostrils. Everything is wet and slimy. A lake of slobber sits just underneath where the action is taking place. Jr comes in and tells her to take luther down as far as she can and hold it there. It doesn’t take any time before the pressure in her slimy face starts to build until she looks like a pressure cooker about to explode. She can’t hold it any longer and pulls off with a cacophony of coughing, her gag reflex in full *****. Jr has her do it again, but this time he tells her to hold it, wiggle her throat back and forth and try to get it down a little further. Immediately she gags and has to hold back a spew of digestive fluids but manages to maintain her hold. So jr has her tell him how much she loves to suck luther. It isn’t easy, and you can’t really understand her –but she does try real hard. When jr is done playing with her he has her get down on the floor and lick up all the spit she produced down there –and it is a lot.

    Marina Drowns Elise In A Tank Full Of Fish - Next scene we find elise, naked, in a strappado, balancing on small blocks of wood as she attempts to not fall into the fish tank set before her. All she has to do is keep her face in the water and she can have an orgasm. Simple. So it doesn't take us long to learn, from elise's on own accord, what she likes in order to achieve that orgasm. Marina tells her, in no uncertain terms, that if she can keep her face underwater then she'll keep the hitachi running. But the moment she pulls her face out of the water the hitachi gets turned off. And so it goes...Elise holding her face there, underwater, for as long as she can. A sort of self-bondage, do what you can to please yourself type of . And she tries hard. Blowing bubbles, sucking air, and all around trying to maintain her rather difficult position of balancing on two blocks of wood while getting herself off at the same time. It is obvious marina takes special delight in torturing elise. In making her suffer. She is relentless in her demands of keeping elise just short of the breath she needs for survival. All you have to do is keep your head in the water, let marina finger you while you have a 2" ring gag in your face hole --oh, and marina looks like she's really enjoying herself...Did I just hear her ask for permission to cum under water?

    Elise Is Bagged  Smoke Blown In - Elise has a wide leather belt around her waist –and neck. Her wrists are cuffed to her waist band in the back. Her ankles tied together and drawn up toward her wrists, sort of a reverse fetal position. Worse, elise is completely encased in a thin clear plastic bag; she is slowly suffocating inside. It is already growing foggy for her as he seals the bag shut around her waist. It is a full encasement, all the air she breathes now is air that has been used by her. It grows thinner with each breath. Less and less oxygen and more and more condensation and heat inside. She tries to control her breath, her breathing. She wines. She works on maintaining control. She is lying on her side. The thick leather collar tightly secured around her neck doesn’t give her any comfort, let alone make it easy for her to drawl a breath. As time passes it becomes increasingly difficult to see her inside of there. We can hear her breathing, her attempts at controlling it. Jr ask her what is the toughest part of her situation. She tells us the collar right now. It makes it difficult for her to get a full breath. Water starts to bead up inside and run down the plastic around her face. It wants to stick to her face, making her panic. She appears all wet inside. Her hair plastered to her face as she attempts her composure. But it is faltering. The heat and water inside, the water from her own breathing, condensation, and the heat from her breath and body conspire against her. She’d like to be out of this, maybe back in her hole. She tells me how difficult the collar makes it for her, green shorts still fitting her like an uber woman. She tells me how hot it is inside there and I tell her how cool it feels outside. She starts to tell me how hard it is to catch a breath. I cut a small opening for her. An opening that I shove a short rubber hose into, for her to breath with. At least that’s what she thinks. Once she has it in her mouth she uses it to take in fresh oxygen –and we can hear her doing so. It is her own fresh air supply as she tells me how tight the collar is. She is sucking it in. We can hear it. And then the hitachi. She finds herself needing to reach for a new way to breath, to get that orgasm, because she is a bondage slut. But that was temporary, before jr cut her breathing off with a pair of hemostats on the rubber hose punching itself from the bag. He makes her ask, beg for a fresh air supply. He brings out a well nurtured hookah, one ready to smoke. Finding her rubber hose he picks it up and fills her bag with hookah smoke. She cries out and wails. She tells him how bad the air is getting, how she can’t see now, how she can’t even see her breathing tube now for the smoke. Her bag is permeated, smoke she did not want. Smoke that just makes her situation that much more demanding. She coughs, and hacks –spits inside her enclosure. She grows into a panic....He decides to see what the hitachi changes. She screams out at the top of her lungs....This is only the beginning....

    Elise Runs Low On Air - We find elise naked and in a chair. Her legs are drawn up and bound onto themselves. Each is pulled outward exposing her cunt. Her arms are bent over and tied onto themselves then drawn back behind her head. Her whole body is firmly secured to the chair. After a couple of minutes watching her she gets a dental gag inserted and her mouth propped open to maximum. Then a very large, clear bag is pulled down over the top of her. A bag big enough to fit her entire head and torso in. Then its taped into place creating her own little air/weather environment inside. She is then flogged across the chest sending her into wail mode. Afterward, while she is still wailing, her exposed pussy is flogged. It takes her time to collect herself when it is over. Still crying inside her bag she has nipple clamps put on her while she attempts to regain her composure. It must suck not to be able to get those off your tits while some crazy fucker decides to cane the top of your feet while you try to breathe inside your new weather environment. It is starting to get quite a bit of condensation building up in there. The air must be getting hot and stuffy --but we still have those feet to cane. And when i'm done I remove her nipple clamps and flog her chest, right where the clamps had been. Then flog her caned feet. The whole process sends her into the netherworld. She screams almost constantly. She tries to shake her body but she can't move an inch. And inside her bag it is getting difficult to even see her anymore. All that hot air she keeps expelling in her screams only creates a more uncomfortable atmosphere for her. When that hitachi finally hits her pussy she sounds like she is pushing a watermelon from her cunt. It is a preternatural scream. Primal. She's running out of air in there and the screams still go on,,,,she better hurry....

    Mariko Meets Luther - After bringing mariko up from the hole jr places her in stocks and marches her over to luther. She said she likes to suck cock but jr doesn’t believe it for a minute. He ask her why she likes it and she mentions something about an affinity for the taste. Jr doesn’t buy it for a minute and tells her to get on her knees and start addressing luther. Timid as expected, when jr becomes disappointed he has her deep throat it, hold it, then tell him how badly she is at sucking cock. It’s hard to understand what she is saying, but her eyes and face tell you she doesn’t like having to say it.

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