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    Kinky Clothes
    Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet
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    Into The Attic - Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet

    Clip Description

    Next we find goldie taking a bath. Probably because she wanted to get rid of all those chicken feathers. So there she is, bathing in a sudsy tub with ankle and leg irons on. I walk in and start urinating in the toilet next to her. When done I forget to flush and leave. It doesn't take long before angel comes in after me and grabs goldie by the hair, dunking her head beneath the water. Did I say dunk. I meant to say she violently shoves her head in the water and holds her there for a bit. When she pulls her back up she's gasping for breath. Then she does it again while calling her a "dirty little bitch". And again. And again. Goldie wasn't expecting this. When she's done dunking her in the tub she wrenches her out and has her kneel in front of the bidet. Gagging her with a large spider gag she holds her opened mouth over the water nozzle of the bidet and turns it on high. Water shoots up from the spigot right into her face hole. How does she breath? It's a bit like trying to ***** the water coming out of a fire hydrant before any spills on the ground. Then she drags her over to the toilet, has her keel in front of it as she chains her to it and then pushes her ring gagged face hole into the water of the toilet, flushing it as she does so. Goldie is a mess. When she is done she has goldie stand up, bend at the waist and keep her head in the toilet. Then angel straps on a giant black dildo and mounts her --fucks her relentlessly as her head pounds around the inside of the porcelain bowl. Then we hear the toilet flush again. When she's done fucking her cunt she has her kneel and then fucks her face hole thru the ring gag. When she's done she shoves her head back in the toilet, flushes it and whips her ass until the bowl fills up again. Then straddles her head over the toilet bowl and gives her a hot stream of stinking urine to wash over the back of her head. Jesus, that was a lot of urine. And if that wasn't enough angel has her get back in the tub to wash off. Unfortunately for goldie, angel has a bar of soap she's going to be washing her mouth out with. But this bar of soap has a whole bunch of somebody's cock hair all over it. And I mean a whole bunch. Cock hair soap. After scrubbing her tongue with it she dunks her head back into the water. Oh my, goldie's in for a long bath...

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    wmv235.18 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Into The Attic - Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet

    Into The Attic - Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet

    Into The Attic - Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet

    Into The Attic - Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet

    Into The Attic - Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet

    Into The Attic - Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet

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    Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head - Jr has been bored. To entertain himself he pulls chelsea out from the hole under the house and ties her to a chair until she is completely immobile. He then places a clear bag over her head, pulls it down around her neck and seals it off with a heavy rubber collar. Then he takes the other end of the bag and ties the sides high above her head to the ceiling. She now has what amounts to a giant funnel over her head. Jr rolls over a iv stand that has a 5qt. Enema bag full of water ******* from it. He slips the nozzle inside the bag and starts the water flowing. She immediately screams out and we see her panic building as she tries to break free. Again and again she attempts to tilt the bag over but she is unable to move. She keeps looking up through her makeshift funnel at the enema bag ******* high above her, watching the water as it flows into her air space. If she doesn't want to ***** she is going to have to ***** the water down before it covers her nostrils. Jr grabs a chair and sits back to watch as she begs for release.

    Marina Gets Caned While Trying To Breathe  Hd Version - (hd version of movie by same name 1440x1080 @ 5m/s) occasionally she lets out an exasperated, audible breath of....Dissatisfaction, resignation? She gets gagged. Ball gagged. Tightly buckled in. When I get that last buckle cinched we hear her gasp a bit, behind the gag. She looks around and takes in her new predicament; big eyes and a longing look, lionel is giving her grief. We watch her try to position herself, into something more comfortable. Her feet are hurting. The rubber heels making her stand on the sides of her feet as they are drawn outward. Its debilitating for her. This discomfort sneaks up and then becomes forefront. I step up to her and ask her how she is doing. I ask her how she likes that dead cock in her cunt. She immediately shakes her head in dissatisfaction and moans out disapproval. She manages to make out an audible sentence about how stressful lionel is in her cunt. So I pick up the flogger and lay into her ass. After several demanding strikes I pull a latex breath hood over her head, while she is still ball gagged. Once it gets zipped down over her head she is all by herself in there. We can see her but she can't see us. We watch her in there, concentrating on what's important; breathing. She holds her lungs steady and draws breath in slowly, knowing that anything faster will defeat her effort to get air in her lungs, knowing that it will just collapse all that beautiful latex against her face and nose and close up her ability to breath. She gets groped on her breasts. I start to flog her, her ass and tits. She tries to draw air quicker now, and as she does so it makes a squeaking noise as it tries to pull through the little opening quicker than it can pass. The latex all closed upon her face. She's caned now. Caned on her tits for starters. She screams out, or at least tries too. Her hood collapsing even quicker now around her face as she tries to deal with the severity of each blow. The hitachi comes out and gets slammed against her cunt. She rides that a bit, sucking and blowing air out as best she can beneath her latex hood. We watch her dance around, in place, feeling the vibrator, concentrating on her breath. Nipple clamps come out and are brutally affixed to her nipples. Within a few more seconds she asks for permission to cum. When she is denied her attempt to breath inside her hood takes on a new level. She can't handle it. She loses her concentration and we watch her collapse and expand the latex onto her face so quickly she can't be getting enough air. Her lungs are struggling to suck air through the little opening of the latex and then through the ball gag tightly buckled into her mouth. She manages to calm herself after a few seconds. And as she begins to calm herself I **** two pound weights off of each nipple. They quickly fall to the ground, taking the nipple clamps with them. Now she has to calm herself all over again. And it's a struggle. First the latex collapses around her face cutting off the air, then we hear her lungs trying to pull air through that little opening that is by now either collapsed upon her face or is full of her own saliva from drooling behind the ball gag, and this causes us to hear a high pitched squeaking noise as her lungs try to overcome the pressure of drawing air through an opening that practically doesn't exist. And the hitachi is relentless. She asks for permission to cum and its given. Her latex hood is opening and collapsing at a rate not seen before. Her breath is quick and shallow. She starts to scream. A pushing sort of scream. Like she is pushing something bad, something unforgiven from her body. And as she is excising this need from her carcass i'm telling her that I will punish her for it. For having such a good orgasm. Her feet literally come off the ground and she suspends herself from her wrists as she expels the orgasm, expels the base need that built up inside of her. The latex hood still creating that squeaking sound as she still tries to draw upon her lungs for breath. And she screams again. She is screaming and crying to the point of desperation. She can't breathe now. She can't control her need. She tries to shake the hood off, she's dancing around as best she can, stammering and stomping. Then I punish her. Punished her for having such a good orgasm. For enjoying it. I punished her with a cane and flogger until she cried about it. Until her ball gagged mouth, with spit and saliva running down her chin and chest, told me she was sorry. Until I had snot and spit coursing through every hole on her face. Then I got her off again.

    Hd Version  Zayda Gets Bagged - (hd version of movie by same name 1440x1080 @ 5m/s) if there is one thing jr knows about zayda, she is terrified of having a bag pulled over her head. After stripping her nude he has tied her to a chair with a strappado. She isn't sure what is going to happen next but the second she sees him walking toward her with a bag in his hands she freaks out. Immediately she begins to buck around and scream. He quickly pulls the bag over her head, ties it off around her neck and steps back to watch her reaction. She screams, she sucks air until the bag collaspes around her face. Her mouth is in a perpetual scream as she panics inside. It doesn't take long before condensation builds up and her vision is even more obscured. She doesn't know it, but jr plans to leave her bagged for quite some time.

    Bijou Cant Breathe - 30 year old bijou came into the attic on her first visit ever. I suspect we'll be seeing her again soon. Let's dig in, if you will.

bijou had told me she was on the rag the day before she was to arrive. I told her to come on in, that we would turn that inconvenience into an asset. So once she was here I put her into a box tie, had her get on the gyno table and roped her feet into the stirrups. Once I had her sequestered I started up a little video for the *instead softcup* product. Of course, i've never inserted a tampon into a **** before (i've pulled quite a few out) let alone utilized the latest revolution in feminine hygiene in 40 years. So after watching the videos and reading the step by step instructions as bijou is bound up tightly beside me on the gyno table and spider gagged, I got started inserting the new revolution in period protection. I collapsed the device, stuffed it in and then dug around to get it positioned properly. Frankly, I thought it was rather easy to get it in there and seated, like a bag on the top of an upside down volcano. I just hope she didn't find the fact that i'm a stranger, that she's tied to a gyno table, while I wear latex gloves and dig around in her cunt with the latest revolution in feminine hygiene too impersonal or ***********. Once done, I went ahead and hooked up electrodes to her clit and ass hole. She'd never had electricity before; she told me it felt strange. I cranked it up on her clit and nipples before pressing the hitachi hard against the top of her vaginal opening. Within a few seconds she was asking for permission to cum. She kept begging. I kept telling her to stave it off. She kept coming back with, "i can't". So I removed the hitachi and cranked up the electricity. Immediately she's saying, "no. No. No." oops, I think she screamed as well. Gritted her teeth and became exasperated. The very moment I placed the hitachi back on her cunt she was begging for that orgasm. Immediately. I told her the only ay she was going to get to cum was to tell me about her most kinky sexual experience while being vibbed off. She just kept begging, like i'd never asked anything of her at all. And she's starting to cry. So I made her concentrate, repeat the question and then answer it --all before she gets to cum. And whew, she got about half the story out before she was begging for mercy. Mercy for that cunt to be able to ejaculate its load. She started right into begging again. But I made her finish the story --and I bet you'll like it. Then I placed a latex breath hood over her head and then slammed the hitachi back on her cunt. Immediately the latex was sucked down upon her face. We can see her but she can't see out. She started panicking. The latex air reservoir expanding quickly and just as quickly being sucked down onto her face. I made her tell me how much she likes this, through the breath hood. How much she needs to cum. She begged for that orgasm and I told her to go ahead. The latex expanding and collapsing even faster now. We can see her in there, trying to get enough air, the table starting to shake as her waves come over her. The floor even shakes --it's like an earthquake has hit. Suddenly she safe words the hood, unable to get enough air and cum at the same time. So I ripped it off and ****** her until she had several massive orgasms in succession. By this time she is screaming out the fact that she is having an orgasm, or two, or three...Afterwards, I stuck a smoke up each nostril (she begged me not to do it) and let her sit back and enjoy them.

    Vogue Cant Breathe - Next we find vogue being affixed to the bang bike. The only thing left to do is get her ass hook tied off to the last strand of hair left on her head --but we managed. We managed to get it cinched in there real fucking tight. Then her neck got tied off to the ceiling, just to make certain that every breath was a struggle. She's nude save for her boots, socks and hose. I pull out the cane to work her ass over. And when that first strike hits her, she doesn't make a sound for the first several seconds, and then she sucks in air, deeply. She makes a small noise, one that lets you know she's dealing with it. And then another strike happens. In no time at all both strikes are obvious, red, raised, and, well, left some serious marks. I grabbed the flogger and flog the exact same spots, repeatedly, and then make her tell me how good the ass hook feels. She's a pretty ****, and we make this pretty **** tell us how much she likes this. How much she likes being beaten and in bondage. How wet her pussy is. How strongly we can smell her cunt. And then she gets struck again. Struck as hard....And then attach electrodes to her nipples. I crank the power up, right up to a three, the area where most ***** cannot take it. But vogue sucks it up, and then I start to flog her ass, to distract her. The intensity of the blows become overpowering...She's dealing with a lot. I continue to flog her. She just sucks in the air deep and screams. So I gag her. I ball gag her and strap it in tightly. Bondage tight. Then I make her tell me how much she likes it as I strike her even harder. She cries. She likes. She screams loudly and begs for mercy. That's when I stuff that vaginal stim in her cunt. Make her tell me how it feels. About how she doesn't yet know what the fuck to think about it --and then I flog her ass relentlessly. Without mercy. And then I cram an ass hole electrode in her butt, in spite of her ass hook. It just seemed like the right thing to do, to give her extra discomfort in the bung hole. Then I began to flog her even harder, with greater intensity. Until she started to scream. Until there was this bubbling of saliva just at the bottom of her black ball gag, percolating for release. That's when I hooded her. That's when I placed the latex breath hood over her. And immediately we see the latex collapse over her features, her face. Closing off her airway. But she handled it, she sucked it in, she drew breath in spite of no breath being there. And as she was being vibbed off I heard her make out a request to cum. But I told her to ask me to cane her instead, to strike her ass. And I did. Hard. And after that strike we hear the sound of air trying to make its way past the collapsed latex, the little breath hole flatly lying across her face because she's trying to draw the breath in too quickly from the strike, making a high pitched squeaking noise. She snickers, to break the silence, to break the tension in the air, and then I strike her again, because I don't care about that tension. Its good. When that hitachi finally reaches her cunt she's a changed person. All cares dissolve. She emits a sound that resonates with all that is calm and pleasant. She hums, she purrs. No doubt is left in your mind. And then we hear her ask for permission to cum, through the ball gag, through the latex breath hood. And we also hear the sound of the flogger striking her back....Vogue is only just starting this scene...

    Elise Runs Low On Air - We find elise naked and in a chair. Her legs are drawn up and bound onto themselves. Each is pulled outward exposing her cunt. Her arms are bent over and tied onto themselves then drawn back behind her head. Her whole body is firmly secured to the chair. After a couple of minutes watching her she gets a dental gag inserted and her mouth propped open to maximum. Then a very large, clear bag is pulled down over the top of her. A bag big enough to fit her entire head and torso in. Then its taped into place creating her own little air/weather environment inside. She is then flogged across the chest sending her into wail mode. Afterward, while she is still wailing, her exposed pussy is flogged. It takes her time to collect herself when it is over. Still crying inside her bag she has nipple clamps put on her while she attempts to regain her composure. It must suck not to be able to get those off your tits while some crazy fucker decides to cane the top of your feet while you try to breathe inside your new weather environment. It is starting to get quite a bit of condensation building up in there. The air must be getting hot and stuffy --but we still have those feet to cane. And when i'm done I remove her nipple clamps and flog her chest, right where the clamps had been. Then flog her caned feet. The whole process sends her into the netherworld. She screams almost constantly. She tries to shake her body but she can't move an inch. And inside her bag it is getting difficult to even see her anymore. All that hot air she keeps expelling in her screams only creates a more uncomfortable atmosphere for her. When that hitachi finally hits her pussy she sounds like she is pushing a watermelon from her cunt. It is a preternatural scream. Primal. She's running out of air in there and the screams still go on,,,,she better hurry....

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