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    Elise Gets Then Some
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    Into The Attic - Elise Gets   Then Some

    Clip Description

    Little 28 yr. Old elise is standing with a taut rope around her neck. The other end of the rope is tied off to the ceiling. She's fully dressed in her tight waist hugger jeans and sweet little sweater. Her wrists are bound behind her back and it doesn't take long before an extremely tight crotch rope gets added to her predicament. She stays on her tip toes so she can breathe better. You can tell from the sounds she makes, the way her throat makes them, the way she keeps trying to clear her throat, the way her neck is pulled up and her head titled to one side, that's she's definitely having trouble breathing. She dances. She's so tiny. I have her get her shoes off which ****** her on her toes a little higher. Then I make her get her socks off --knee high socks. It's a ***** filled dance for her to remove them. She's made to turn around so we can see her tight little ass, the rope bisecting her buns, then have her pull on her own crotch rope. She's offered a book to stand on while I go to prepare her dinner. Given that she'll be eating her dinner from the dog food bowl I lay it down at her feet where she's balancing on her book. But first, I feed steve his dinner in the bowl. And given that steve is 100% dog he slobbers and licks the entire bowl free of his dinner. Afterward, steve is taken outside to **** while she's left dancing by the neck in front of the dog bowl where she'll be having her dinner next. As I await the meal to finish cooking I take the hitachi and vibe her cunt off through her crotch rope and pants. It doesn't take her horny little ass long to beg for an orgasm. She's given that permission and she blows one out into her panties. Then her crotch rope is removed, her pants removed and then her panties are removed. Another very tight crotch rope is re-added sans her clothing and then her panties, wet, folded crotch side out, are taped to her face. Then her book is taken away from her. Immediately she begins to make raspy, ******* noises. She gasps and draws air through the moist panties. Her feet are arched high. Her dance pace quickens. She starts to panic before realizing her book is just a foot away. She extends her leg and tries to drag it over. She moves it only a little before trying to step up on it in haste, before running out of air. She manages but soon discovers she needs to get it right underneath her neck rope for maximum relief. She struggles with it, continually ******* herself before managing. The second she gets it back under her I lay into her bare ass with a riding crop. The pain so sharp for her she has to raise one leg to try and shake it off. She howls like a wolf at the moon each time she is struck. But then those howls turn to tears. Just plain 'ole sobbing. She is dental gagged. Then gagged again with a ball gag inside the dental gag. For some reason, perhaps because her mouth is so jacked open, this act starts her into a state of mental anguish. You see it wash over her, and then she starts crying again. Time to cane her. The drool immediately begins to run out of her mouth and wash down her chin like niagara falls as I rare back with the first cane strike. It lands on her upper thigh with a thud, which was quickly followed by an excruciating scream of pain. It makes her legs shake. It sounded so terrible, with such anguish in it, I even felt sorry for her as I landed the next strike in the same place. She tried hard to suck it up. There was silence initially. Just her lifting that leg up, balancing by the neck, with all that slobber and drool coursing from her face hole, getting slung about in the air as she tries to steady herself, but she ended up screaming anyway. And by the time she was done with her caning she was seriously drained. Emotionally and physically. She must have lost a quart of saliva there. I don't think i've ever seen little elise cry like that. Jesus, she really got broken down....

    Clip Duration:      33 minutes
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    Into The Attic - Elise Gets   Then Some

    Into The Attic - Elise Gets   Then Some

    Into The Attic - Elise Gets   Then Some

    Into The Attic - Elise Gets   Then Some

    Into The Attic - Elise Gets   Then Some

    Into The Attic - Elise Gets   Then Some

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