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    Chelsea Is Going To With A Bag On Her Head
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    Into The Attic - Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head

    Clip Description

    Jr has been bored. To entertain himself he pulls chelsea out from the hole under the house and ties her to a chair until she is completely immobile. He then places a clear bag over her head, pulls it down around her neck and seals it off with a heavy rubber collar. Then he takes the other end of the bag and ties the sides high above her head to the ceiling. She now has what amounts to a giant funnel over her head. Jr rolls over a iv stand that has a 5qt. Enema bag full of water ******* from it. He slips the nozzle inside the bag and starts the water flowing. She immediately screams out and we see her panic building as she tries to break free. Again and again she attempts to tilt the bag over but she is unable to move. She keeps looking up through her makeshift funnel at the enema bag ******* high above her, watching the water as it flows into her air space. If she doesn't want to ***** she is going to have to ***** the water down before it covers her nostrils. Jr grabs a chair and sits back to watch as she begs for release.

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv204.6 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Into The Attic - Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head

    Into The Attic - Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head

    Into The Attic - Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head

    Into The Attic - Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head

    Into The Attic - Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head

    Into The Attic - Chelsea Is Going To  With A Bag On Her Head

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    Elise Runs Low On Air - We find elise naked and in a chair. Her legs are drawn up and bound onto themselves. Each is pulled outward exposing her cunt. Her arms are bent over and tied onto themselves then drawn back behind her head. Her whole body is firmly secured to the chair. After a couple of minutes watching her she gets a dental gag inserted and her mouth propped open to maximum. Then a very large, clear bag is pulled down over the top of her. A bag big enough to fit her entire head and torso in. Then its taped into place creating her own little air/weather environment inside. She is then flogged across the chest sending her into wail mode. Afterward, while she is still wailing, her exposed pussy is flogged. It takes her time to collect herself when it is over. Still crying inside her bag she has nipple clamps put on her while she attempts to regain her composure. It must suck not to be able to get those off your tits while some crazy fucker decides to cane the top of your feet while you try to breathe inside your new weather environment. It is starting to get quite a bit of condensation building up in there. The air must be getting hot and stuffy --but we still have those feet to cane. And when i'm done I remove her nipple clamps and flog her chest, right where the clamps had been. Then flog her caned feet. The whole process sends her into the netherworld. She screams almost constantly. She tries to shake her body but she can't move an inch. And inside her bag it is getting difficult to even see her anymore. All that hot air she keeps expelling in her screams only creates a more uncomfortable atmosphere for her. When that hitachi finally hits her pussy she sounds like she is pushing a watermelon from her cunt. It is a preternatural scream. Primal. She's running out of air in there and the screams still go on,,,,she better hurry....

    Elise Cant Get The Bag Off Her Head - The next time we find elise it is night time. Jr has her out back sitting in an old ****** desk. She has on black hose, black heels, a short red skirt and a black blouse Ėa sweet ****-next-door outfit. The problem for elise is that she is securely bound to the desk Ėeven the fingers of each hand are roped down flat to the top of the desk. She also has a clear bag over her head, secured around her neck with a tall, thick rubber collar. The bag is open on the top of her head. It is raining and cold out there and we can see that elise is shaking from exposure. The bag on her head is becoming opaque from the condensation building inside. When it sticks to her face she shakes her head violently to remove it, but it stays put. Thatís going to be the least of her worries this evening. When jr comes out to address her the first thing he does is stand up high behind her and begins to urinate into the bag covering her head. It fills quickly with yellow fluid and she starts to freak. She tries to get away from it as it fills up closer and closer to her mouth. It rains down over her head and face, in her hair, the smell fills the bag and she bucks about looking for an escape. She cries out, which only sucks urine into her mouth. It gets into her ears. At first it is warm but it doesnít take long to grow cold in the environment. Finally the bag burst from all the urine inside sending a cascade of warm piss over her body. Still freaking out and gasping for breath she sucks the urine soaked bag into her face hole before she can get away from it. And thatís how jr leaves her; cold,  and covered in his body fluid. Her only focus is keeping that bag off her face hole.

    Marina Finds It Hard To Breathe - Finally we find marina naked in the center of the room. She's sitting on her butt, her legs are tied folded and pulled off in opposite directions. Her wrists are tied up high to the ceiling pulling her arms straight up over her head. She's got a translucent latex hood on. As we watch her we can hear her sucking air through the tiny nose holes. She also has a rope around her neck tied off to the ceiling. Her breasts are well exposed for us. Soon I come out and pick up her favorite toy for beating someone with, the rice paddle. Bring it down hard on her upper thigh and after a few seconds she sucks in a deep breath and says, "oh my god" inside her latex hood. Then her armpits are caned. Thighs. Her upper torso is aggressively flogged, her tits and back. She's crying when it stops. She's made to tell us she is a sex object. Then she's aggressively flogged again. When the celebrator gets on her clit she cries even more. She bucks and fights it before finally giving into its charm. She begs to have an orgasm. I tell her if she wants one she's going to be punished for it. She asks for it anyway and pulls off a screaming orgasm. But before she's even done with it I take away the vibrator and begin flogging each breast individually. Then her back. Hard. I go right back to her breasts again and alternate until each breath she's taking now is a terrified desperate scream for me to stop. Then she's left there.

    Elizabeth Angel And The Clear Vacuum Bed - 35 year old elizabeth and angel are spooning one another in the clear vacuum bag. Angel is giving elizabeth an exit interview as the vac bed gets all of the air sucked from it. Starting off without breath tubes we sucked the air from the bag until no air space existed any longer. Then we added rubber breath tubes as the plastic material began to fold down onto their bodies. Their tits were mashed, their faces and arms and legs all were sucked down hard into the bed. They looked like pod people from invasion of the body snacthers.

    Naomi Runs Out Of Air - Naomi found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when jr hears a weak knock at the back door of his house. When he opens the door he finds naomi there inquiring as to whether this is the location of the bible study class. Of course it isn't, but he invites her in anyway telling her that it certainly is. She immediately finds herself locked in a clear cage. Jr goes and gets a water hose and starts filling it up to the top. 30 minutes later naomi has about half an inch of air between the surface of the water and the locked shut lid of the cage. The water is completely over her head. She has to strain herself to get to the air supply. Often she holds her breath and sits down in the cage to relieve the stress the awkward position places her in. Jr comes back outside with several fish and tosses them into the cage with her. He lays a bible opened on the top so she can study it while suffering below the surface. Later he comes back out with a long hose so she can just sit under water since he?Ll be leaving for awhile to get another cage for her. When he finally does get her out she gets placed right back into a different cage.

    Goldie Gets Her Head Dunked In A Toliet - Next we find goldie taking a bath. Probably because she wanted to get rid of all those chicken feathers. So there she is, bathing in a sudsy tub with ankle and leg irons on. I walk in and start urinating in the toilet next to her. When done I forget to flush and leave. It doesn't take long before angel comes in after me and grabs goldie by the hair, dunking her head beneath the water. Did I say dunk. I meant to say she violently shoves her head in the water and holds her there for a bit. When she pulls her back up she's gasping for breath. Then she does it again while calling her a "dirty little bitch". And again. And again. Goldie wasn't expecting this. When she's done dunking her in the tub she wrenches her out and has her kneel in front of the bidet. Gagging her with a large spider gag she holds her opened mouth over the water nozzle of the bidet and turns it on high. Water shoots up from the spigot right into her face hole. How does she breath? It's a bit like trying to ***** the water coming out of a fire hydrant before any spills on the ground. Then she drags her over to the toilet, has her keel in front of it as she chains her to it and then pushes her ring gagged face hole into the water of the toilet, flushing it as she does so. Goldie is a mess. When she is done she has goldie stand up, bend at the waist and keep her head in the toilet. Then angel straps on a giant black dildo and mounts her --fucks her relentlessly as her head pounds around the inside of the porcelain bowl. Then we hear the toilet flush again. When she's done fucking her cunt she has her kneel and then fucks her face hole thru the ring gag. When she's done she shoves her head back in the toilet, flushes it and whips her ass until the bowl fills up again. Then straddles her head over the toilet bowl and gives her a hot stream of stinking urine to wash over the back of her head. Jesus, that was a lot of urine. And if that wasn't enough angel has her get back in the tub to wash off. Unfortunately for goldie, angel has a bar of soap she's going to be washing her mouth out with. But this bar of soap has a whole bunch of somebody's cock hair all over it. And I mean a whole bunch. Cock hair soap. After scrubbing her tongue with it she dunks her head back into the water. Oh my, goldie's in for a long bath...

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