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    Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From
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    Into The Attic - Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From

    Clip Description

    She showed up from the office wearing her office attire. Cute, feminine shoes to go with her hose. A polka-dot skirt with a white blouse. Her hair is in a pony tail. When we find her she is already crying. Jr has wrapped a rope around her neck and ran the other end up through a hook in the ceiling and back down to her chest where he has attached a bowling ball and a boat anchor to it. She is crying because she has to hold this weight up else the weight pull the rope and ***** her neck. This is made more difficult because each wrist is manacled to the other with a heavy chain. Over time she finds the weights become increasingly heavy. Her face is already ballooned out and red. A nose hook in her face hole openings keep her head pulled up and back. Jr comes in and inquires what the worse part of her situation is. She swallows, thinks for a moment and then tells him, “it’s hard to breathe”. He tells her to hold the weights up higher. He looks her over real good and then tells her he likes her shoes. Then he wants to know from her how sexy she is. She doesn’t understand the question in her distraction. She ask him, “what?!”, Then starts telling him the answer in a state of confusion. He ask her if she dances and she replies, “salsa”. He wants to see a classic salsa move so he then ask her if she has one to show him. Immediately she says yes, but then changes it to a “no” as she raises the heavy weights up again to get more air, then mumbles something about not being able to move. She seems to start unraveling at this point. Coughing, moving her head side to side in an attempt to make the nose hook feel more comfortable. Her effort to breathe has picked up tremendously. She tells him the nose hook hurts. That it feels like a violation. That there are so many things going on that require her attention. Jr feels his dick get a little hard after her pitiful diatribe. He walks up to her and tells her how cute her skirt is as he is removing it. She starts to cry again and meekly utters, “yeah”. He inquires as to whether or not she is orgasmic. “What?!” She seems confused by every question asked of her. When her panties get pulled down and her pussy exposed she starts to cry more. He turns them inside out and finds a giant stain in them. He puts them up to her face and ask her what the hell that is all about. How it got there. He wants to know if it came from her cunt. Then he folds them just so and places them over her head. The inside of the crotch right over her nose hooked nose. Then he ask her again where the stain came from. She tells him, “my twat”. The weights are really becoming heavy now. She tries to raise one leg and shove the knee of it under her arms and weights to help support them –but to no avail. The crying starts up again, her bottom lip quivering, her face like a red balloon. She just stares straight ahead as a tear falls over her left cheek. He ask her if she thinks she deserves a whipping. She is utterly confused by the question. She starts to answer several times and then very meekly states “no” as the crying starts up heavier. She sees him walking toward her with a whip in his hands. He takes aim at her bare ass cheeks and immediately after the first crack she yells, “jesus!”. He doesn’t stop for a minute. She has her teeth gritted and eyes slammed shut as she cries through the ordeal while trying to hold up the weight. He ask her again if she deserves it and she immediately states “no” before changing it to, “probably”. He whips her across the pussy. Her crying turns into a sobbing. He wants to see that dance move again. After that he wants to know how she masturbates between sobs. He ask her if she would like for him to get her pussy off right now. She shakes her head no repeatedly and then says, “sure”. Her crying now is at the point where she can’t even think straight. Words seem to be foreign to her as jr shoves the hitachi up against her cunt. He makes her beg for something she doesn’t want. If she doesn’t sound convincing he has her do it again. Then tells her to feel sexy while this is going on. She may just have too many distractions right now...

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
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    wmv198.56 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Into The Attic - Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From

    Into The Attic - Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From

    Into The Attic - Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From

    Into The Attic - Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From

    Into The Attic - Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From

    Into The Attic - Bridget Holds Up Weight To Keep From

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    Elise  Herself - When we find elise again she is butt naked save for a pair of black heels, red panties and a tight leather collar around her neck. A chain runs from the ceiling down to the collar keeping her up on her tip toes, least she  herself ***********. Her elbows are bound together behind her back. Her shiny black hair is in a ponytail as she dances about trying to relieve the pressure on her neck -but there isn’t a good spot that works. She has found that if she raises one leg off the ground it also raises her hip which allows just the slightest of relief for breathing. But holding that one high heeled leg up is taxing and she can only maintain it for short periods of time. After spending several minutes watching her in her distress, coughing and gagging and breathing with a rasp, jr comes in and immediately places the hitachi on her cunt. Within seconds she pleads for an orgasm which she is given. And when she tears it off it brings tears to her eyes as well as an increased inability to breathe. Jr never removes the vibrator and soon the cum slut is begging for release again. And again she is given that permission. When her two massive orgasms are over her panties are clearly drenched. Disheveled doesn’t even come close to describing what she looks like when she feels the last of the orgasm fade away. Her entire face is wet from snot, tears and slobber. Jr takes her down from the neck chain and throws a dirty mattress to the floor for her to sit on. With her elbow harness still in place he has her take off her soiled panties. He then he folds them -crotch first out- and shoves them completely into her face hole –right where her tongue will be sure to meet her **** slime. Then he tapes them in with wrap after wrap of clear packaging tape. She clearly holds back a gag reflex as jr sits down next to her and has her take his dick out of his pants. It is time for her to service him.

    Lolita Gets    To Eat The Contents Of Her Pussy - We find her naked on the floor. She's tied on her belly, rope around her neck with a bowling ball attached to the other end keeps her head held high. Her wrists are pulled forward and tied off, arms fully extended. One leg, its ankle, is drawn outward and tied. The other leg is doubled over on itself and belted that way --then pulled in an opposite direction. Her hair is tied to its foot. Another rope draws that foot away from her head by the small toe. She's slowly ******* when we find her. Her pussy is clearly dripping liquid from it. Part of a peach lies close by. And that's how we leave her, struggling for breath, watching her in her desperation. Observing her like a zoo animal in a cage. She works for every breath, every swallow she has to make. It doesn't take long before we see moisture well up in the corner of one eye. Her face is stark and red. She's needy --not just for her cunt but for easily breathable air. When the hitachi hits her pussy she freaks. But she quickly acclimates herself. Her bottom lip is dry, she's desperate. She suddenly notices the camera and what is taking place around her. But she continues to grunt like the needy cunt that she is. Her pussy is stuffed and she wants more. The hitachi is removed, her fuck stick dislodged and a plate sat down in front of her cunt. She's told to push out the peach that's been sitting up in there for the last hour. Once it emerges from her hole and hits the plate she is immediately told to eat it. Doing so must have been disgusting for her as she ******, coughed and almost threw it up. She is then ball gagged and left that way.

    Vogue Cant Breathe - Next we find vogue being affixed to the bang bike. The only thing left to do is get her ass hook tied off to the last strand of hair left on her head --but we managed. We managed to get it cinched in there real fucking tight. Then her neck got tied off to the ceiling, just to make certain that every breath was a struggle. She's nude save for her boots, socks and hose. I pull out the cane to work her ass over. And when that first strike hits her, she doesn't make a sound for the first several seconds, and then she sucks in air, deeply. She makes a small noise, one that lets you know she's dealing with it. And then another strike happens. In no time at all both strikes are obvious, red, raised, and, well, left some serious marks. I grabbed the flogger and flog the exact same spots, repeatedly, and then make her tell me how good the ass hook feels. She's a pretty ****, and we make this pretty **** tell us how much she likes this. How much she likes being beaten and in bondage. How wet her pussy is. How strongly we can smell her cunt. And then she gets struck again. Struck as hard....And then attach electrodes to her nipples. I crank the power up, right up to a three, the area where most ***** cannot take it. But vogue sucks it up, and then I start to flog her ass, to distract her. The intensity of the blows become overpowering...She's dealing with a lot. I continue to flog her. She just sucks in the air deep and screams. So I gag her. I ball gag her and strap it in tightly. Bondage tight. Then I make her tell me how much she likes it as I strike her even harder. She cries. She likes. She screams loudly and begs for mercy. That's when I stuff that vaginal stim in her cunt. Make her tell me how it feels. About how she doesn't yet know what the fuck to think about it --and then I flog her ass relentlessly. Without mercy. And then I cram an ass hole electrode in her butt, in spite of her ass hook. It just seemed like the right thing to do, to give her extra discomfort in the bung hole. Then I began to flog her even harder, with greater intensity. Until she started to scream. Until there was this bubbling of saliva just at the bottom of her black ball gag, percolating for release. That's when I hooded her. That's when I placed the latex breath hood over her. And immediately we see the latex collapse over her features, her face. Closing off her airway. But she handled it, she sucked it in, she drew breath in spite of no breath being there. And as she was being vibbed off I heard her make out a request to cum. But I told her to ask me to cane her instead, to strike her ass. And I did. Hard. And after that strike we hear the sound of air trying to make its way past the collapsed latex, the little breath hole flatly lying across her face because she's trying to draw the breath in too quickly from the strike, making a high pitched squeaking noise. She snickers, to break the silence, to break the tension in the air, and then I strike her again, because I don't care about that tension. Its good. When that hitachi finally reaches her cunt she's a changed person. All cares dissolve. She emits a sound that resonates with all that is calm and pleasant. She hums, she purrs. No doubt is left in your mind. And then we hear her ask for permission to cum, through the ball gag, through the latex breath hood. And we also hear the sound of the flogger striking her back....Vogue is only just starting this scene...

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