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    Kinky Clothes
    Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten
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    Into The Attic - Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten

    Clip Description

    Butt naked she squats on the floor. A three foot heavy wooden post behind her has her wrists tied off to either side of it. This leaves her jutting forward while her legs are doubled over and belted. Beneath her wrists are copper pads attached to the post. Pads that can be energized later. She is ball gagged and her large breasts have tight rubber bands around them. She is in constant movement in an effort to find a better position. When jr comes out he places clover clamps on her nipples and then walks back to the electrical box to energize the copper pads beneath her wrists. Her movements and breathing step up dramatically. She is unable to stop moving now, and each time she does those clover clamps just fling themselves up and down off her nipples. After watching her suffer for a bit jr comes back to her and removes the clamps. He then immediately begins flogging her breasts in an effort to remove the rubber bands that encircle them. Every time the flogger comes down on her breasts she lets out a scream and sucks wind through her drool-y gag. After thoroughly whipping both of her tits without the rubber bands coming off he picks the clover clamps up and places them back on her nipples. She lets out a scream each time they go on while a pool of drool ejects from the bottom of her ball gagged face hole. She simply cannot stop moving at this point, exhausting herself --clamped, gagged and electrified.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    wmv115.43 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Into The Attic - Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten

    Into The Attic - Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten

    Into The Attic - Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten

    Into The Attic - Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten

    Into The Attic - Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten

    Into The Attic - Alisha Gets Electrocuted And Beaten

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    Victoria Gets Beaten Fucked  Objectified - Victoria starts her day off bent at the waist. Her neck is locked in a collar held by a chain running both to the ceiling and to the floor. She is naked. A long piece of bamboo holds her wrists behind her and widely separated. She finds herself trying to uncover a different way to stand, to relieve the fatigue that sets into her shoulders and back. She looks pissed off about her situation. Jr makes her stand in the position for awhile before coming out to address her with his cock sticking out of his pants. He ask her when the last time she has been fucked. "this morning", she replies. He spreads her ass cheeks apart and enters her. He tells her it's her lucky day, and then wants to know if the other guy's cock was as big as his. She grunts hard as he thrust into her, her fists in tight balls. He pounds her hard before abruptly pulling out, leaving her gasping for breath. He goes to fetch a large wooden paddle. Just before striking her he tells her, "next time I want you to fuck me back". Then he brings the paddle down hard onto her ass. She screams out in pain and he immediately hits her again. It's almost more than she can bear before he stops and walks away from her. She lifts her head to glare at him as he leaves. He comes back behind her again, cock ready for penetration. He tells her to beg him to fuck her, which she immediately does. He starts to pound her again and within seconds she is asking him for permission to cum. He denies her even as he is invading her cunt. She yells out, "fuck!" she begs repeatedly for permission, telling him how good it feels, but he denies her over and over. He simply fucks her harder, deeper, and then again abruptly pulling out on her. She gasp at that moment, and then glares at him again as he walks away from her. He returns with the paddle and strikes her on the ass cheeks again, "oh fuck!" she yells out. He wants to know where the earlier fuck met her at, "at work". He then asks where they fucked at, "in the driveway of my work". He smacks her hard again with the paddle and she cries out. He wants to know if she ever sticks anything in her ass as he walks to her carrying an ass hook. She tells him, "sometimes". He shoves it into her brown hole and ties it off to the bamboo pole holding her wrists separated behind her back. If she moves her arms or hands she will now feel it directly in her ass. Once again he comes back with the paddle to see how well she can stay still after being struck. He rares back and lands the paddle low on her ass cheeks, hard. She sucks in air fast, holds it for several moments and blows it out, staying as still as possible. Again he hits her hard. She splays every finger open on each hand before bringing them back in tight fists, expelling air she sucked in at the moment of the strike. She barely cries out, staying as still as she can. Her face tells you she is deep in concentration as he brings the paddle back and strikes her once more. This time she cries out loudly while holding her position as still as possible, her face etched with pain. Jr, with a smile on his face, hits her again. She sucks in air deeply and expels it, her fingers once again splayed open. He strikes her several more times before stopping, pulling her ass cheeks apart and then entering her sex hole once more with his cock. He starts to pound her relentlessly, asking her if the fuck she had that morning felt as good as the one she was getting right then. "fuck no". She ask him for permission to cum and he gives it to her, "oh fuck!". She immediately starts to scream out, her whole body rigid as she feels her cunt start to explode. Before she even finishes her orgasm he pulls out leaving her unsatisfied. He returns with a cane, to beat her with.

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