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    Kinky Clothes
    Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear
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    Into The Attic - Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear

    Clip Description

    Abby has never had an enema before. So jr decides to place a collar around her neck, fill her colon with 3 qts. Of water and then pull her blue jeans back on. Then he ties her neck up to the ceiling and leaves her for what will ultimately come out. She was beyond mortified and even asked for the camera to be turned off --but we didn't do that.

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
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    wmv134.7 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Into The Attic - Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear

    Into The Attic - Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear

    Into The Attic - Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear

    Into The Attic - Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear

    Into The Attic - Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear

    Into The Attic - Abbys First Enema Was More Than She Could Bear

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    Elise Releases Her Enema Into Tight Jeans - Elise is dressed up and ready to go out with her friends. Before she leaves she ask bob whether or not she can use the toliet before doing so since she didnít want to don a diaper. Instead, bob pulls her pants down and sticks in an enema nozzle. He fills her bum with 3 qts. Of water and then pulls her panties and jeans back up. She pleads with him not to do this. Instead, he ties her hands behind her back and puts a collar around her neck. He ties the collar up to the ceiling which ****** her to stand in her heels with an urgent need to release. She pleads that she needs to go but bob just walks out of the room and leaves her there. It doesnít take long before she is unable to hold in the enema. A cascade of fluid wets her jeans and runs down her legs wetting her entire pair of pants from front to back.

    Marley Eats Chicken While Holding A Giant Enema - Marley showed up on the wrong day. Jr is in a foul mood and decides to take it out on marley's asshole. After getting her naked he attaches a chain around her neck, bends her at the waist and locks her neck chain to a cage so she stays in said position. Next, he stuffs 10 individual suppositories up her ass. By the 7th suppository her asshole is so slick he has to keep shoving the previous one further in because they keep wanting to poke back out. Once the 10th is inside he inserts a large enema nozzle into her brown hole and fills her colon full of warm water. If that weren't bad enough he pops a large butt plug in her ass and corks her up. He follows that with an adult diaper. He then has her get into the cage where he locks her inside with only her head poking up. She believes things are drawing to a close and that maybe she can just release the enema into the diaper around the butt plug --but that's not going to happen...Yet. Instead, he goes into the kitchen and brings back a whole roasted chicken swimming in greasy fluids. He sets the whole chicken down in front of her face and lets her know she isn't going to release that enema until she has eaten the entire greasy chicken ?Licking her fingers clean and all.

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