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My Fetish Cam

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    Kinky Clothes
    Fired Slave
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    My Fetish Cam - Fired Slave

    Clip Description

    Fired slave. I always wondered, what if my slave don`t pull through one of my bizarre stunts. I guess I would just have to fire him. This is my practice round for just in case.
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    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
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    My Fetish Cam - Fired Slave

    My Fetish Cam - Fired Slave

    My Fetish Cam - Fired Slave

    My Fetish Cam - Fired Slave

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    Made To Suffer In A Vacuumbed - Playing with my slave in a vacuumbed. This is a home made vacuumbed with no breathing pipes, watch him squirm and suffer for a breath of fresh air which we all take for granted.

    Mummified With Foil - Mummified with foil. I mummified my slave with foil and thought I would have some fun with him. I wanted to see if he would bake in the hot african sun. My fun was cut short and had to hide my slave under a clump of bushes due to unexpected guests. My plans were foiled. I only got him out the next morning.

    Packed For Transportation - Kelly can`t descide what to get her best friend tina for her birthday. She descide to give her a slighty used slave and pass it for new, watch kelly carefully pack her present.

    Made To Cum In A Vacuum Bed - Made to cum in a vacuum bed. My slave is tied and blind folded, he has no idea what is to follow next, he expects to have a jolly good cum session but I have other ideas in mind. He is placed inside my home made vacuum bed and it`s just as cruel as the real thing. There is only one catch; there are no breathing holes in mines and if he can survive a 5 minute session in it, he is allowed to cum and the question is will he. I am sneaky, he is tied down tightly so he can`t rip open my plastic.

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