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My Fetish Cam

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    My Fetish Cam -  Rack

    Clip Description

    The rack ( very sick and weird video )

    this is a home made device to toture disobidient slaves. How it works? I use an inflatable tube, piece of wood and some ropes. The tube is sandwich between the slave and the wood, rope is tied securely around the slave and wood, compressed air is ****** into the tube which causes it to expand which ****** it outwards thus tightening the rope around the slave. The ***** is great enough to pick up a one ton car, what would it do to a slave? I tried this with a blow up dummy and it popped after a couple of minutes, poor dummy. That was no fun, had to try a real slave and see how the slave would perform under that pressure plus dummies don`t scream or wiggle with pain. It is fun to watch the rope cut into his flesh and makes breathing more and more difficult as the tube gets inflated. To add insult to injury I trample and walk all over him and inflict more pain by torturing his naval but I guess the nerves are all dulled or pinched by the tight bondage. I am not sure what hurts more, the rope tightening around his abdomen or around his scrawny neck.This inflating and deflating goes on forever until I can`t take it no more and the fun is gone. For those animal rights activist the slave is all right just some rope burns and a bruised ego. My apolagies for the background noise, it`s the compressor going on and off, I did`nt want to burn the motor out. This device works great and I am putting plans forward to have it patented.

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
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    avi281.33 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    My Fetish Cam -  Rack

    My Fetish Cam -  Rack

    My Fetish Cam -  Rack

    My Fetish Cam -  Rack

    My Fetish Cam -  Rack

    My Fetish Cam -  Rack

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