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Penis Gag
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Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Penis Gag

Clip Description

The mouth packing is removed, giving disturbia a few moments to catch her breath and recover in the hope that her ordeal is over. But watch her eyes widen in horror as she sees her captor approach with a *********** penis gag which is then ****** into her mouth, once again prising her jaws widely apart in the tight black latex hood. As a final torment, a black latex blindfold is buckled in place leaving disturbia to drool and moan in her own dark and *********** little world!

Clip Duration:      2 minutes
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wmv23.44 MB

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Additional Thumbnails

Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Penis Gag

Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Penis Gag

Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Penis Gag

Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Penis Gag

Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Penis Gag

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Latex Breather Hood - Saving the most extreme torment till last, our sexy rubber clad heroine disturbia is fitted with a latex breather hood that moulds tightly to her head.  As it is zipped into place each breath she takes draws the rubber into her face, showing quite clearly her tormented expression.  This clip is only just over a minute long as there is virtually no spare air available to her...This is one extreme rubber breather hood!!

Mouth Packing   Clips Combined - This is a combination of the  clip and the extreme mouth packing clip.  Download the two together and save on the price of downloading them separately!

Breather Hood On The Cross - The final instalment in this series finds disturbia still tied and strapped immovably to the st. Andrews cross.  Her collar has also been tied to the cross to hold her head in place and restrict her movement completely.

a black and cream latex breather hood is pulled over her head and shined up...Finally zipped up, she is left to struggle with the small amount of air available to her.

watch her struggle to the extent her bondage allows until finally a lack of oxygen overcomes our beautiful black latex clad ******...

Extreme Mouth Packing - Still tied to the dungeon chair, disturbia's mouth is packed tightly with cloth which is then held in place with pallet wrap.  Watch her jaws stretch inside the tight rubber hood as she struggles to accommodate the material ****** into her mouth.  With the pallet wrap in place there is no chance of pushing it out.  To add to her misery and helplessness a black silk scarf is tied around her mouth with a loop around her neck and as a finishing touch her nostrils are pinched closed again as she struggles in vain for breath...

Ball Gag  Head Harness - The penis gag is finally removed from disturbias mouth, exiting with somewhat of a struggle as it is prised out from between her teeth.  Then her blindfold is also surprisingly removed!  Has her captor taken pity on her?  Not at all, he just wants her to get a good look at the ball gag and harness that is now to be strapped to her head.  Watch disturbia struggle in her chair bondage as she fights against the head harness, as always to no avail...

Purple Latex Bondage Gagged  Bagged - Clad in a sexy shiny purple latex catsuit and hood and black high heeled boots, disturbia once again finds herself tied helplessly to a chair!  The white rope around her body stands out vividly against the purple rubber.  She is cleave gagged with a black silk scarf and whilst wearing the gag had a plastic bag pulled tightly over her head.  Watch our damsel in distress suffer and struggle in her tormented bondage for your pleasure...

Disturbia Captured In Full Part 1  2 - Watch the full video of disturbia captured with parts 1 & 2 added together.  Save over $1.50 by downloading the full version!

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