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    Kinky Clothes
    Disturbia Captured Part 1
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    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Disturbia Captured Part 1

    Clip Description

    Clad in shiny black latex, fully hooded and blindfolded in rubber and wearing 5 inch stiletto boots tightly laced, disturbia has been captured and brought to the dungeon. Her wrists are already tied behind her back and her ankles are tied as well. Now it is time to start binding her to a chair so that she is securely restrained for the ordeals ahead...

    Clip Duration:      2 minutes
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    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Disturbia Captured Part 1

    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Disturbia Captured Part 1

    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Disturbia Captured Part 1

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    Disturbia Captured Part 2 - Disturbia fights and struggles as much as she can to prevent herself being tied to the chair.  She knows that once she is bound securely that there will be no further chance of escape and she is terrified of what awaits her.  Watch her struggle with her ropes in vain.  After she is tightly tied to the chair her blindfold is removed so that she can see what is about to happen to her, thereby increasing her terror and anticipation.  Her captor gives her a taste of the torments ahead by clamping his hand tightly across her mouth and pinching her nostrils closed...Her whimpering sounds of panic are quite real as she struggles for breath...And so it begins!

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