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  • Disturbia Captured
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  • Disturbia Captured
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    Bound To The Cross
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    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Bound To The Cross

    Clip Description

    Disturbia is dragged to the cross and tied securely to it. A rope is threaded through her collar, securing her head in place for the *********** to come.

    as usual she is dressed in skin tight black rubber and high heeled boots. Watch her struggle and moan in protest as she is made helpless and vulnerable...Ready to be bagged...

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
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    wmv36.96 MB

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    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Bound To The Cross

    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Bound To The Cross

    Heavy Rubber & Bondage - Bound To The Cross

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    Crotch Rope  - After enduring the strain of a strappado disturbia's wrists are tied behind her and attached to a crotch rope which is tied to the hoist.  Her elbows are tied off to the wall behind her, holding her firmly in place.

watch as the hoist is raised and the rope gets tighter and tighter until eventually it is deeply buried in her latex clad body!

throughout the  her knees are bound, making her struggle for balance in her high heeled boots and she suffers the  of drooling through a bit gag.  Little does she realise this is just the warm up before some serious *********** which will feature in the next clips...

    Breather Hood On The Cross - The final instalment in this series finds disturbia still tied and strapped immovably to the st. Andrews cross.  Her collar has also been tied to the cross to hold her head in place and restrict her movement completely.

a black and cream latex breather hood is pulled over her head and shined up...Finally zipped up, she is left to struggle with the small amount of air available to her.

watch her struggle to the extent her bondage allows until finally a lack of oxygen overcomes our beautiful black latex clad ******...

    Rubber Enclosed Strappado - After being locked in the cage all night disturbia is desperate to be let out, however when she realises what's in store for her she's not so willing to leave the 'safety' of the cage!

after being dragged out she is restrained in cuffs and rope under the hoist before having her arms winched up behind her in a tight strappado.

as usual, disturbia is dressed in skin tight latex and high heeled boots.  Watch her struggle as she is gagged and taken advantage of...

this is just the start of her torments today, look out for the next instalment as she is ******** with a crotch rope!

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