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    Clip Description

    A young lady answers an ad, not to make money but more to explore some of her fantasies that were sparked by the latest craze of books about fetish fantasy. She is very shy and the photographer seems nice, but there is something about him that leaves her skeptical. She goes against everything she was taught and let's him tie her up to a chair to shoot some simulated struggling for his art work. He asks her to remove her panties to get some up-skirt shots as she struggles. As he ties her she starts to relax and get into it a bit, smirking and biting her lip when he is not looking, opening and closing her legs as he brushes against her body, breasts, and legs, as he ties her up to the wooden chair. After she is bound he starts to fondle between her legs which is a good feeling but a bit too forward for her. She asks when they will get started shooting and he simply replies calmly that "there is no camera". She pretends not to understand until he clearly states he has no camera and he will do as he pleases. She fights a bit but he grabs her face and gives her the spiel and let's her know there is nothing she can do, this is his thing. He takes the panties from his pocket and jams them in her mouth because he doesn't like the screams. He fondles and molests her as she struggles then brings out a clear bag showing it to her and she freaks out, trying to get free from the ropes but he grabs her again and says she can do nothing. He asks her if he takes out the panties from her mouth will she quiet and she nods yes. When he removes she gives him the sweet eyes and tells him she will "suck his huge cock really well", and it will be the best he has ever had. He replies, "It's not my bag baby", and pulls the clear bag over her head. She freaks out again and starts to struggle but the ropes and his force with the bag makes her writhe and buck, but she can't get free, sucking in the plastic bag over her head. She fights for a while bucking and showing her bits and pieces up skirt. She passes out and he removes the bag after a second. She gasps for air and slowly wakes up in shock and fearful of what he will do. She plays like she is very weak but when she sees the bag coming again she goes wilder than any animal on the planet, smashing and bucking, ripping the stout wooden chair to shreds with her freakout. He subdues her with the bag and her hands fly around still bound by rope but free from the chair. It is of no help because he is strong and determined to fuck her dead body. He finishes her off after a long bout she is no more but a wide eyed, blank staring dead hot gal. He removes the bag and plays with her mouth and face sticking his fingers in her mouth and probing, then up her dress to her pussy where the juices that she was making sound wet and slick. He fingers her in the chair, then unties her feet laying her on the ground for a good, hard necro fuck. As he pumps her and kisses her sexy feet, and perfect toes her eyes are wide and still, she is blank and dead. Her death-stare taking up the entire room with it's beauty. After he cums inside her he deshabille's her dress to show her perfect huge milky white breasts then takes off to get a way to get rid of her and get ready for the next one.

    Clip Duration:      30 minutes
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    JUST ENCASED Spy v Spy - Starring: Awesome & Belle Fatale

Two rival spies are trying to impress their agency by stealing a hard drive containing top secret documents. Agent Fatale slips into the house bathroom, getting her pantyhose mask on her fully encased body, soaking her other section of pantyhose from her black bag, with lots of chloroform to surprise the other agent, trying to undermine her mission and come back with the hard drive. When she finishes getting ready, she hides in the room across the hall from the office. Agent Awesome breaks into the back door of the house, she stealthily moves, fully encased and masked in pantyhose, sneaking around because she knows there are tons of double agents in the field. She searches the rooms, and finally locates the hard drive. She heads into the office with the mainframe computer, to make sure it is the drive, but Agent Fatale is right behind her and makes quick work of getting the chloroformed pantyhose over her mouth and nose. She fights had and they go down to the bed, wresting and fighting, Agent Fatale with the upper hand, and the chloroformed pantyhose. She keeps it on tight as Agent Awesome slows down, her eyes closing as she passes out from the chloroform. Agent Fatale taunts her with a few choice words, then puts on a large strap on dildo. She wakes up Agent Awesome and gets her on her knees on the floor. She lifts the mask up just enough to expose her mouth, and starts face fucking, and deep throating the young agent. She rams her face hard, as the groggy agent wakes up and gasps, gagging on the cock as Agent Fatale face fucks her. After gagging and deep throat into the Agen't mouth for a while, she pinches her nose so that she can't breathe, making the Agent pass out again from lack of air. She leaves and returns with the strap on still attached. She gets up on the Agent, teasing her with words, taunting her with the big dildo dick. She takes a chunk of pantyhose and makes a gag for the Agent Awesome. After gagging her so she cant scream loud and blow the cover, Agent Fatale slides the big cock inside Agent Awesome's pussy, sliding it in and out deep and hard, making the young agent scream in pleasure and pain. She lifts her legs and fucks her pussy deep, making her cum hard, and leaving the dildo super wet with cum, and glistening in the light. After fucking the gagged, encased Agent Awesome, Agent Fatale gets up for a second to grab a pantyhose stocking to strangle and finish off Agent Awesome, but during the struggle and fucking, Awesome had been freeing herself from being tied behind the back with pantyhose. When Agent Fatale least expects it, Awesome is right up on her, taking her down quickly to the bed, slapping her to stun her, and after pouncing on her hard, takes a large clear bag and covers Agent Fatale's head and face with the bag. They fight hard, Awesome getting the best of Fatale, but just when she thinks she has Fatale, she escapes, but is quickly wrangled in again. Agent Awesome gets Fatale in position to finish her off for good. She pulls the bag tight and a long fight, struggle for air, and life ensues. She pulls tight, Fatale fights and kicks hard, sucking the clear bag in and out of her mouth, but getting no air. She starts to slowly die, kicking and shifting, twitching and bucking. She slowly goes still, eyes wide and mouth with the bag sucked in. The Agent Awesome waits until she is fully dead, then removes the bag, leaving her encased. She checks the Agent to make sure she is dead, no signs of life by feeling her mouth for breath. She is dead, so she grabs the hard drive, and exits in her encasement, heading to headquarters to get them the information, and be the winning agent, the one who is still standing.



Ashley is pissed because her boyfriend fucked a callgirl.She's visiting same callgirl now in order to pay her back!

starring: candlexxx and asley graham
theme: bagging

    AGENT ALTSIREN BAGGED - Agent AltSiren is planning something, and hides a memory card on herself; unfortunately a hitman rushes is, wraps a bag around her head and they fight until she''s dead, then starts to inspect her body looking for the memory card and leaves once he got what he wanted, leaving poor AltSiren half naked and dead on the bed.

featuring: AltSiren
keywords: stripping, bagging, handling, reality_pov, inspection

    THE INTRUDERS GAMBIT - A young woman has no idea what today brings forth. She is taking a shower, enjoying herself as she lathers up her breasts, cleans her whole body in hopes that her man will come over later and give her what she needs, what she is missing. This poor beauty has no idea that at the same time she is taking a shower, a sociopath is breaking and entering her home, and setting up the rounds for his game. Even as she finishes washing her hair and stepping out of the tub, he is finishing securing his hanging rope, and putting on his mask to conceal his identity just in case something goes wrong, and not in his favor. As he heads up the stairs to wait, she is toweling off her perfect breasts and drying herself. As she wraps the towel around her sexy figure, she has no clue, he is outside the door waiting for her, with the whole game planned. As she steps out of the doorway he greets her with a punch to the gut, folding her over and dropping her with no breath, and only escaping air. In one swoop he removes a stocking from his pocket and swiftly wraps it around her neck and pulls her up to the sitting position, not giving in at all, just strangling her out. She kicks and flails as the towel comes off and she seems to start fighting hard. His relentlessness and vigor win the battle as she slowly passes out from lack of oxygen. He quickly goes to work using the stocking as a gag and letting her down to the floor in spread eagle so he can eat her pussy out while she is unconscious, getting himself hard as he licks away at her freshly showered snatch. After a minute of pussy licking and lapping, he whips out his hard cock and shoves it in her, pumping away and banging her hard missionary. She is passed out and oblivious, but she reacts a bit to the fucking as he pumps her, slamming her into the floor as he beats it up. As he feels himself starting to climax he pulls out and shimmy's up to her face and tits, squirting his hot load on her face and chest. After cumming all over her face and neck, he heads downstairs to get things secured for the next move in his game. Her body is ravaged but not yet broken, and it is viewed and panned to show her in her demise, well the first part at least. Fade in to the poor young victim hanging from the upstairs banister, on her tip toes trying not to drop any lower as she is already choking, trying to stand on the tips to get a tiny bit of air, just enough to keep her alive and trying to fight, especially since she is gagged still and her hands tied behind her back. She tries to look around to find him, but he is upstairs rifling through her stuff to make it seem like a burglary. When he comes down the stairs she panics and for good reason as he wastes no time taking out his cock and putting it in her ass as she hangs from the banister, choking and crying as he rams her virgin ass. He is forceful and brutally harsh as he pounds her ass from behind, not bothering to lube her up. He gets tired of that quickly, having to use too much energy to get to the height he needs to be successful. Instead he puts himself away and whips out the switchblade which he uses to cut the rope and she falls to the ground gasping and crying. As she gets louder he reminds her who is boss and what will happen if she doesn't cooperate. He pulls her up by the rope to a chair, which he ties her legs to the back of the chair so she has to sit forward and doesn't have control. He again whips out his already hard cock and grabs her head from behind, face fucking her hard as she gas and drools all over his hard cock. She is reluctantly sucking and not wanting this at all so he just forces her and goes harder fucking her face harder until he is about to climax. When he feels the tingle he pulls out, ordering her to stick her tongue out to receive the load. She is already gagging from the thought of the double dipping dirty cock in her mouth and now she has to take all of his cum in her mouth and tongue. He shoots his load, popping off on her tongue, as well as her chin, neck, and on her lap where the residual drips. As he finishes and puts his dick away, he leaves to the other room as she moans and wales, disgusted by the cum soaked face, hair, and chin. He quickly returns with his duct tape in hand. He looks over and sees a garbage can with a fresh, clear bag. He removes it throwing the trash on the floor and puts it over her head, cutting off all the air. He uses the duct tape to secure that she will get no air and starts to grope her tits and pussy as she struggles against her bonds, and trying to suck in air, but only sucks in the bag. She fights for a while as he watches her die. After he last twitch, and she goes still, he grabs his phone and takes some pics for his own personal collection. He gathers his backpack, leaving her face bagged, and the rope still around her neck as she is slumped sideways, dead, defiled, cumsoaked after being strangled out cold, raped repeatedly, hung, facefucked, and bagged to death. The whole thing, aside from the trash can providing a bag already in the house, was calculated from the beginning and is all the "Intruder's Gambit".

Starring: Genetica w/ Vlad

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**


    Irina Bagged - Watch this couple play their bagging. Irina just loves to be bagged!

    JOB APPLY BAGGING - Edina is waiting for a friend who wants to apply for a job. She is getting annoyed because the friend is way too late.
when she comes in it seems she is eager to get the  job and she tries to seduce edina by removing her top and bra.
edina decides to play a game with her and - when she is tied up -, she decides to bag the friend!

starring: crista and edina
theme: bagging

    Dasha Bagged 2 - Dasha Bagged 2

Only bagging, no story
cheap clip, not our usual quality!

dasha is being bagged in this clip and at the end we can take a look at her nice tits.

starring: dasha
theme: bagging

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