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    Look At My Cunt
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    Rubber & Bondage Central! - Look At My Cunt

    Clip Description

    Ashleigh gives you an awesome view of her cunt as she lifts her leg up on to the kitchen work top and pulls those latex panties aside to access her wet cunt. Now she can finger fuck herself, she just loves to lick her cunt juice from her latex clad fingers.

    Clip Duration:      3 minutes
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    wmv39.34 MB

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    Rubber & Bondage Central! - Look At My Cunt

    Rubber & Bondage Central! - Look At My Cunt

    Rubber & Bondage Central! - Look At My Cunt

    Rubber & Bondage Central! - Look At My Cunt

    Rubber & Bondage Central! - Look At My Cunt

    Rubber & Bondage Central! - Look At My Cunt

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    Cum Upstairs - Ashleigh straddles the stair case bannister so she can reach behind and push that vibrator deep into her hot wet cunt for you and we can show you some super hot closeup action of her climax!!

    Baileys Dildo - Bailey told us she uses glass dildos as ornaments around her house, you should see how bailey uses our one. It will make your eyes water as she pounds her pussy with this glass dildo.

    Fucked From Behind - Bailey just loves to be fucked from behind, you can watch as she presents herself for you all to see as she bends over and spreads her pussy and fucks herself with the vibrator. It doesnt take long for bailey to start to climax.

    Hot In Latex - Ashleigh is look totally hot in her latex corset and panties. Sat on the stairs she tells us she loves the way latex makes her feel and shows you boys just how horny she is.

    Baileys Sex Toys - Every time we let bailey near latex or sex toys she just turns into such a horny devil. Which is very apt as she is sheathed in a skin tight catsuit, her tits bursting to get out. Bailey turns up the speed on her favourite toy as she tells you just how she likes to masturbate.

    Shiny Red Latex - Bailey looks magnificent in her shiny red latex catsuit. Sat on her chair she shows you just how sensitive her pussy is as she takes the big vibrator and presses it to her hungry cunt. She even turns around and bends over telling you just where she wants your cock.

    Fingered To Climax - We think ashleigh must have gone through everyroom in the house. She likes to give you a clear view of whats she's doing so laying back on the table she finger fucks herself and uses the vibrator on her clit bring herself to a huge climax!

    Sensitive Cunt - Baileys cunt is really sensistive from all the masturbation but she doesnt let that stop her in fact she wants to masturbate more. This was the first time she wore latex and she loved the way it felt against her hot skin, it made her hornier.

    Sweet Pussy - Like our last **** here ashleigh found the lollipops and rather than just eat them she puts it into her pussy. Now she has a pussy flavoured lollypop. Masturbating with her latex clad hands and the lolly on her clit ashleigh climaxes yet again.

    Bizarre Rubber Milking Part 2 - Now the nurse zips up his latex hood totally covering his face, leaving him only two small holes to breathe through. To make maters worse she covers this with a plastic bag as she then decides to fuck her rubber patient and use his cock for her pleasure

    Latex Finger Fun -   ashleigh was taking a break on the sofa but dressed in all that latex she couldnt held but play with her pussy. Those latex gloves slide so easily into her hot wet pussy and she is soon shuddering from another climax.

    Ashleighs Long Legs - Back on the dining room table in a sexy new outfit. Ashleigh kneels down and spreads those long legs of hers. Now she has prefect access to her tender clit. She loves this vibrator, its so powerful it takes only a few minutes for her to cum!

    Slow Strip -   ashleigh does a slow and sexy striptease for you as she peels herself out of her latex outfit. She leaves her gloves on though as she cannot get enough of masturbating with those on. Laying back on the bed her hands being to move over her body and soon the innevitable happens and she climaxes all over her fingers.

    No Breath For The Patient - The nurse gets ever more sadistic as she takes two plastic macs and makes him wear them. The second is on back to front so when she pulls up the hoods his head is sealed inside them. This is not hard enough for her so over goes a plastic bag and this is tied shut with a rope. Now she can concentrate on teasing his rubber covered cock.

    Pussy Action - A second visit to the bathroom for ashleigh and yet more pussy action as she uses those latex clad hands to full effect. She says she just adores the feeling of latex on her cunt it makes her so wet she practically cums just wearing the panties.

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