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    Kinky Clothes
    You Only Cum Twice
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    Diaries of an extreme rubber philosophy - You Only Cum Twice

    Clip Description

    Fortunately we had the opportunity to make some video stuff this weekend. We think, this came out really great.

    she is wearing one of these *********** hoods with a clear face part and small hole in it. When breathing slowly this hole is normally sufficient, but a strong vibrator always increases pulse and breathing! :)
    she grabs the heels of her ballet boots and is getting constantly teased with that evil vibrating monster, hands playing with her mouth, forcing the latex of the hood into the opening…
    finally she is allowed to cum, but the arousal is high enough for a second round!

    [canon 5d mkii, 1280x720]

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
    Format Size
    mov583.53 MB

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    Diaries of an extreme rubber philosophy - You Only Cum Twice

    Diaries of an extreme rubber philosophy - You Only Cum Twice

    Diaries of an extreme rubber philosophy - You Only Cum Twice

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    Getting It All - At first kerberos had some self bondage fun in mind, but belkelel was watching him and suddenly appeared from nowhere - taking away kerberos' only key to release himself.
then some ********** "" starts. Wrapping his head tightly with cling film, forcing him to hold his breath for nearly 4 minutes.
attaching in an airtight way a breath-through gag and a large 5l rebreather bag.
at last the gag and bag were replaced by a thin rubber sheet, tightly wrapped around the head. Finally he is allowed to cum…

5d mkii, 1280x720

    Rubberdolls At Play - See two twin-like rubber dolls playing with each other. Caressing each others rubber body , strap-on sucking, light latex-sheet ***********. The squeaking of latex on latex, moaning dollies…

this is the first part of "rubberdolls at play" and for the upcoming second part you can be sure - rubberdolls do not only play! Strap-ons are not just for sucking… ;-)

have fun watching the clip!

    Experiments In Masturbation Iii - *argh* complete failure! Almost ridiculous, she still has to learn to endure certain things! But I will not complain, a win-win situation for me, so to say! :-)
either way I am going to have my fun, punishment or not. At the moment everything indicates the need for punishment, though… *smile*

p.S.: Please bear with me, but this time video shooting was a bit harder. I was using a lensbaby 2.0 as the lens for the camera, perhaps one or another of you know how hard focusing with it is! :-) So this time, more blurry or let‘s call it - artistic! 

[canon 5d mkii, 1280x720]

    Cum Or Die  Male Version - A very short clip we did for a very nice story - cum or die.
unfortunately the result - the male version - wasn't very satisfying for us, errrm, in a sense of "not being in the story line very well". ;-)

he is strapped down to a gyn chair, his neck is connected via a rope with handcuffs. The rope is running at the back of the chair, when he pulls at the cuffs he is effectively ******* himself. A latex sheet is wrapped around his head and he has to cum in the time (and air) that is left in his lungs.

as being mentioned, the result wasn't perfect and we had to cut it down. It's now edited in kinda scary way…
perhaps you'll like it, nevertheless! :-)

[canon 5d mkii, 960x540]

    Experiments In Masturbation V - The last part of our famous heptalogy! Watch her struggle till the end! :-)

[canon 5d mkii, 1280x720]

    Be Silent - Here he had been put into an armless bondage body, the legs strapped down cross-legged with rubber belts, cock exposed. The mask he is wearing is completely closed, apart from the mouth.
somebody unknown puts a ring gag into his mouth and seals this remaining hole with cling wrap. Unfortunately it's not really air-tight, so other measures have to be taken.
watch him struggling while his mouth is being fucked by a large inflatable dildo and being allowed to cum by his own hand… :)

believe us, it's hard to make noises with such a thing deep in the throat (not to speak about getting fresh air).

[canon 5d mkii, 1280x720]

    Bizarre Inversion - Always fascinated by some of michael mannings work, especially the inversion, close-to-self-sucking pictures?
then this could be of interest to you! :)

720p, 5d mkii & conturehd action cam.

    Experiments In Masturbation Iv - Not bad this time! As somebody of you suggested she was allowed to use only one hand for her pleasure and the other was her chance to play with her breathing completely on her own. After some „pre-heating“ she was more than ready to finish herself off. She even was able to go a bit beyond the limits she normally has.
i guess, it’s a good start and it is giving me some reasons for hope that she will be able to go through her last trial in the next and last video of this series. Lately we trained a bit apnoea by will. She still isn’t really used to the fact that the human body has much oxygen in its cells and that there is a big difference between the urge to breathe and the real need of fresh oxygen. But we are going to solve this puzzle! :-)

[canon 5d mkii, 1280x720]

    Experiments In Masturbation I - Some time ago an interesting idea struck my mind.

after visiting our favourite latex store in berlin, blackstyle, we were able to bring some handy items home, amongst others a smooth and tight latex hood for belkelel. No openings at all, only for the nose. Being at home we tried the hood immediately. I really love the sight of such featureless black rubber heads, one instantly wants to touch and caress it. I let her have some fun with herself and while watching her, I had the idea to enclose her in that hood with her heavy stainless steel collar. Perhaps you remember, we ordered it at the fetish evolution expo some weeks ago. A really fine piece of craftsmanship, hans of sm-factory did a very good job.

after clicking the collar shut she was ’******’ to cum as fast as possible before she would be allowed to remove the collar and the hood. No problem at all, this setting was a mental flush for her. :-)

but now I had to think about this situation. So sexy and helpless she looked! And why not increase the thresholds before she would be allowed to get out of the hood. So I set up a trial for her, a trial of special magnificence. Every time, she wears the hood and the collar, she would have to improve the time before she cums, the faster the better. If she ever reaches a certain time, we set it around one minute, she will have to wear an airtight hood or bag and the collar the next time. This could be challenging and it is scary for her, but we both are confident of her passing this test! :-)

[canon 5d mkii, 1280x720]

    Experiments In Masturbation Ii - Tonight we thought about trying the low light capabilities of the 5d mk ii. As you can see, the result is more than awesome, only five candles and an oil lamp illuminated the scene. But that’s enough on the technical site…

belkelel continued her trial and was able to progress - 30 seconds! :-) 30 seconds aren’t nearly enough. When extrapolating this progress she would have to endure for four and a half minute in the airtight predicament, that awaits her at the fifth day of testing. Perhaps she will surprise me! I’m really satisfied with this development, it seems there is enough room for a proper punishment at the sixth day! ;-)

[canon 5d mkii, 1280x720]

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