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    Kinky Clothes
    Cocoon Bondage 2
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    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Cocoon Bondage 2

    Clip Description

    Sam is back. After a long time sam has come back in front of our camera. And the first thing yvonne shows her who is the slave here. She binds and gags sam. And then sam is inserted into a pantyhose cocoon…

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
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    wmv237.6 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Cocoon Bondage 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Cocoon Bondage 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Cocoon Bondage 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Cocoon Bondage 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Cocoon Bondage 2

    Bondasement - Pantyhose Encasement - Cocoon Bondage 2

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    Pantyhose Cocoon 2 - After a long time we did it. We could make kim persuade more clips with us. Kim looks so cute completely in purple tights. But then grabs yvonne them in even more pantyhose. Kim is trapped in her cocoon. Without help, they will not come out…

    Bondage Dream 2 - Kim again dreaming of being tied with pantyhose. She loves the feeling when the tights enclosing her body. But even more beautiful is the feeling of being tied with pantyhose….

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    Multilayer With Opaque Pantyhose 2 - Kim loves her pantyhose. She best of all likes pantyhose in a lot of colors. Therefore she has attracted whole many about each other. Every layer has another color. But has put her on stack how many? And which colors has she chosen? Watches the pantyhose like her slowly moves....

    Sams First Encasement - This is the first video of sam. She is 19 years old. And when she has learned what one can do with pantyhose, she also wanted to try this. Yvonne has helped her at the first one once.

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